Grant Proposal Resubmission Working Group

This is a program for faculty to get interactive support and proposal feedback from Research Development (RD), your faculty peers, and an external reviewer who is an expert in the subject area of the proposal. It will consist of four meetings during a 10 week-period in which you will be revising your proposal while getting feedback as well as giving feedback to two of your peers in the cohort.

  • Week 1. Meet with your assigned RD specialist to go over your proposal and reviews and devise a revision strategy.
  • Week 2-3. Meet with the Resubmission Working Group cohort and RD to briefly present your original proposal, the proposed changes and to choose two faculty to do reciprocal peer-review with.
    Week 3-6. Revise your proposal and iterate at least one draft with your RD specialist.
  • Week 6. Send your proposal to the two faculty reviewers and RD, and review the two faculty proposals agreed to in week 2.
  • Week 7. Meet with the two faculty who reviewed your proposal and RD to discuss all three proposals.
  • Week 7-10. Revise your proposal based on faculty/RD feedback and send it to a paid external reviewer.
  • Follow-up. Revise your proposal based on the external review and get one more review from your assigned RD Specialist. Re-submit proposal through SJSU Research Foundation.

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