SJSU's RSCA Adapt Plan

We are currently in Phase 2 [pdf] of SJSU's RSCA Adapt Plan [pdf].

Update as of 1/11/2021

All RSCA work that can be done remotely should be done remotely.

Critical and/or Time-Sensitive RSCA projects that have been VPRI/Dean/EH&S - approved for access are permitted to continue operation.  Any approved RSCA travel that extends beyond 150 mile radius of Santa Clara County requires a 10-day quarantine when returning to the County as required and outlined by the SCC   

Requests for new or modified RSCA Project Plans that are Critical and/or Time-Sensitive (as defined under Phase 2 [pdf] of SJSU's RSCA Adapt Plan) may be submitted for approval - see SJSU’s RSCA Adapt Plan for details.  Submission will be assessed critically to ensure project criticality and/or time-sensitivity, operation within the allowable space densities, and the appropriate health and safety measures.

“Time-Sensitive” RSCA projects are those with Critical Deadlines within three months and where a pause, delay, or cancelation would lead to “catastrophic loss” of research results, or otherwise have a significant career and/or financial impact.

Critical Deadlines include: 

  1. End dates or annual reports of grants where the funding agency or entity has not granted extensions or when an extension would result in loss of funding,
  2. Completion of degree/project/grant/term of appointment, and
  3. Completion of research/preliminary data work needed for new grant proposal submissions.

All approved RSCA Project Plans are subject to immediate shutdown and reverting to Phase 1 [pdf], if/when requested.

 The Plan


Access approvals may be revoked at any time due to public health orders, outbreaks, projects diverging from approved plans, or access limitations resulting from on-campus instruction activities.