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University Faculty RSCA Assigned Time Programs

Cycle 3 - (2020-2021 Assigned Time Program Application and Reporting Requirements)

In response to the challenges that our faculty are encountering this semester, in consultation with the Deans, we are changing the application process for the RSCA Assigned Time Cycle 3 (award beginning in 2020-2021) as well as delaying reporting requirements for those who already received RSCA Assigned Time awards.  We appreciate the efforts of the Deans and Associate Deans of Research who have worked with us in getting this material to you.


New Instructions for three categories (A-C) of faculty applying for RSCA Assigned Time Program Cycle 3.  Please submit requested materials to the college office by April 10, 2020.

A. Probationary faculty members who receive this award for the first time in Cycle 3 because of the expiration of their contractually awarded RSCA assigned time in Spring 2020. 

These faculty members are now required to submit only RSCA agendas and ORCID iD* to the college office in order to receive awards starting 2020-2021.

B. Probationary faculty members who receive positive tenure decisions for August 2020.

These faculty members are now required to submit only RSCA agendas and ORCID iD* to the college office in order to receive awards starting 2020-2021.

C.Eligible tenured faculty members 

These faculty need to submit RSCA applications to the college office for consideration for RSCA Assigned Time awards starting 2020-2021, each consisting of the following components:

  1. Cover Sheet – including name, rank, department, college, and date of appointment to the University

  2. Current Curriculum Vitae (CV)

  3. Scholarly Agenda – describing the RSCA goals, activities, and expected outcomes/products for the coming 5-year period

  4. Faculty member’s RSCA Metric Data – in college-specific format

  5. ORCID iD* with permission granted for institutional access


The Dean will recommend which eligible faculty members are to receive assigned time through the RSCA Assigned Time program for AY 2020-2021. The Dean determines the process, and may consider the components of the application packet holistically, but the recommendation should be made with substantial consideration of the faculty member’s prior RSCA productivity. To assure transparency, the Dean’s office should publish, such as on the college web page, the methodology to be used in the selection process.  The Dean’s recommendation list should be submitted to the Office of Provost and the Office of Research in the Division of Research and Innovation, along with all candidates’ complete application packets, by May 1, 2020.

The decision of which eligible faculty will receive assigned time through the Faculty RSCA Assigned Time program will be made by the Vice President of Research and Innovation (VPRI) in consultation with the Provost, weighing the Dean’s recommendations.  The VPRI and Provost may, at their discretion, review the Dean’s recommendations and process to assure that the selected faculty members’ RSCA productivity meet university-wide standards. 

Faculty receiving RSCA Assigned Time awards will be notified by email by May 8, 2020 and are asked to DocuSign an acceptance of the RSCA Assigned Time award by May 15, 2020.  


In light of the current circumstances, the annual reports of productivity (including ORCID iD* with permission granted for institutional access) are required to be submitted to the college office, in college-specific RSCA metric format, by May 22, 2020 from probationary and tenured faculty currently in the Assigned Time program to maintain eligibility.

We believe the University Faculty RSCA Assigned Time Program has been a welcome addition to recognize the ongoing RSCA efforts of our faculty members.  We understand that there are many demands on time and challenges.  We seek with some of the program changes this year to lessen time constraints but also to maintain a consistency in the application process for those who wish to apply this cycle relative to previous cycles.  We hope next year that we come back to business as usual!

Please contact or your Associate Dean for Research (or equivalent position) in your college for any questions or discussion. 

* For information on how to obtain an ORCID iD and set permissions, see  If you need assistance, please contact Librarian Yen Tran at

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