Open Positions

Research Foundation Central Office

Post-Award Analyst-req-CO PA AN 08-29-22 [pdf]

Sr. Financial Analyst-req-CO S FA 07-25-22 [pdf]

Intellectual Property Specialist-req-CO IP 07-01-22 [pdf]

Accounting Manager -req- CO AM 05-05-22 [pdf]

Subaward Specialist -req- CO SS 04-19-22 [pdf]

Pre-Award Specialist -req- PDS CO  4-22-22 [pdf]

SJSU Campus

Research Director-req-RE DIR 09-15-22 [pdf]

Clinical Services Director  [pdf]

Administrative Assistant -req-AD  AS 07-29-22 [pdf]

Assistant Project Coordinator, Title IV-E Child Welfare Program-req-AS PR CO 05-16-22 [pdf]

Silicon Valley Small Business Development Center

No open positions at this time.

Mineta Transportation Institute

No open positions at this time.

Human Factors Program at NASA

Research Associate-Aviation & Air Traffic Management-req-NASA RA AA 09-14-22 [pdf]

Research Associate-Software Development-req-CO EA 08-17-22 [pdf]

Moss Landing Marine Labs

No open positions at this time.

Timpany Center

Swim Lesson Instructor -req- SWIM INST TC NBE 10 29 21 [pdf]

Aquatics Fitness Instructor-req-AQUA INSTR TC 08 31 21 [pdf]

Lifeguard-req-LIFEGUARD TC 08-27-21 [pdf]

Application Procedure

In order to be considered for the position for which they are applying, all applicants are required to submit a formal Employment Application [pdf] as well as their resume and their letter of interest. No applications will be considered unless a formal employment application and related materials are submitted.

Please email your formal employment application and related materials directly to

Only applications for open and available positions will be accepted.
As an Equal Opportunity Employer and federal contractor, the SJSU Research Foundation (SJSURF) is required by applicable laws to compile summary data on the gender, ethnicity, disability status, and veteran status of applicants for SJSURF positions. For the purpose of statistical analysis only, we are requesting each applicant to complete and return the Summary Data form with their letter of interest and resume. The Summary Data Form is already a part of the formal application for employment.

Reasonable Accomodation

SJSURF is committed to providing access, equal opportunity and reasonable accommodation for individuals with physical or mental disabilities during the employment, recruitment, examination, hiring, and interviewing processes. If you are a job seeker with a physical or mental disability and require a reasonable accomodation to search, apply, or interview for a job opening or otherwise need a reasonable accomodation during the application and hiring process, please email us at the SJSU Research Foundation Jobs Mailbox. In the email message, please indicate your full name, phone number, and the type of assistance required. You must not reveal the underlying medical reason for your needed reasonable accomodation or otherwise disclose confidential medical information. 

SJSURF employment is separate and distinct from San José State University and State of California employment. SJSURF is a non-profit auxiliary of San José State University, and is totally self-supported. SJSURF employees are not employees of SJSU or of the State of California. 

For detailed hiring information and specific application instructions, please visit our Hiring and Staffing web page.