About Us

Faculty, staff, and student engagement in research, scholarship, and creative activity is central to the mission of San José State University. Opportunities abound to pursue an exciting array of basic and applied research, investigate space and planets, explore literature and the arts, examine health and social services issues, and create partnerships with Silicon Valley's most progressive technology companies.

The San José State University Research Foundation staff is continually inspired by the talent and passion evidenced by SJSU researchers. Our team enthusiastically supports them through each step in their research endeavors: planning a project, identifying sources of funding, developing a grant proposal, submitting proposals to sponsoring agencies, and managing business details once the project is funded. In some cases, our services enable our faculty to move the products of their work from the laboratory, classroom, and field into local, national, and international communities and businesses. At any given time, we manage more than 300 grants and contracts on behalf of SJSU faculty.

For the fiscal year ending on June 30, 2019, the Research Foundation contributed nearly $900,000 in indirect revenue and strategic investments back to the campus community. This support makes it possible for our researchers to make important contributions to their disciplines, walk the exciting path of discovery, and participate in academic and industry collaborations that improve and enrich our lives. 

During Fiscal Year 2018-19, which ended June 30, 2019:

  • The Research Foundation submitted 290 proposals valued at more than $108 million.
  • The Research Foundation received 226 awards valued at more than $47 million.
  • 317 SJSU students were employed by the Research Foundation either as research project employees or as Central Office staff.
  • 185 SJSU faculty members were engaged in sponsored grants or research projects managed by the Research Foundation.

For additional information or to provide feedback, please write to us at researchfoundation@sjsu.edu.