New Awards April 2019

P.I.: Kacey Beddoes

Engineering, Dean’s Office, College of Engineering
Sponsor: National Science Foundation
Title: Collaborative Research: Improving Interdisciplinary Design Teamwork and Communication Using Boundary Negotiating Artifacts

The research objective for this project is to explore the use of boundary negotiating artifacts (BNAs) in interdisciplinary teamwork. The project entailed a year-long ethnographic study of a collegiate interdisciplinary design team. Dissemination and education efforts will focus on implementing the research findings in civil engineering courses.

P.I.: Kacey Beddoes

Engineering, Dean’s Office, College of Engineering
Sponsor: National Science Foundation
Title: CAREER: Characterizing Gendered Socialization of Newcomer Engineers to Promote Inclusive Practices and Retention of a Diverse Workforce

The research objective of this project is to develop a theoretical model of the gendered socialization of newcomer engineers, including intersectional components. The rationale of the research is that characterizing gendered socialization in engineering workplaces and producing a model of such will provide new explanations for the high rates of women’s attrition from engineering careers and provide vital and explicit evidence for how and where to focus intervention initiatives. The educational objective is to develop, implement, and assess materials designed to increase gender inclusive socialization by enrolling majority populations in systems change. 

P.I.: Wes Heim

Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, College of Science
Sponsor: California State Department of Water Resources
Title: Yolo Bypass Mercury Studies

The Marine Pollution Studies Laboratory (MPSL) at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories will provide consulting support to the California State Department of Water Resources for tasks associated with the Yolo Bypass open water compliance requirements in the Delta Mercury Control Plan. Field experiments may involve earth-moving (for example, study site creations) and agricultural manipulation (for example, vegetation planting and maintenance). Consultation services will also include coordinating with a mercury expert at the U.S. Department of Energy, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, located in the State of Washington. 

P.I. & Co-P.I.: Wes Heim & Autumn Bonnema

Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, College of Science
Sponsor: California State Department of Water Resources
Title: California State Water Resources Control Board Agreement Number: 17-023-270

The PIs will collect water, tissue and soil/sediment samples and provide laboratory analytical services for data reporting for the Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program (SWAMP). SWAMP program goals include conducting an ambient monitoring program that addresses all hydrologic units of the State of California using consistent and objective monitoring, sampling, and analytical methods; consistent data quality assurance protocols; and centralized data management.

P.I.: Ping Hsu

Electrical Engineering, College of Engineering
Sponsor: West Valley Community College District
Title: Introduction to Engineering Lab Development

This project funds the development, construction, and acquisition of the lab setups necessary for performing solar cell characterization and evaluation experiments and wind turbine experiments. These experients are conducted in SJSU's Introduction to Engineering (ENGR10) courses. These new lab setups will be located at West Valley College, where this same course content can then be offered. Two graduate students will be responsible for building, assembling, and testing the solar panel, mechanical loads, and power meters. 

P.I.: Sean Laraway

Psychology, College of Social Sciences
Sponsor: ASRC Federal
Title: Test Subject Recruitment Office

The PI will provide timely recruitment and scheduling of specially qualified human test subjects for use in human factors research experiments conducted by the Human Factors Research and Technology Division or as authorized by the NASA Task Requestor. 

P.I.: Sean Laraway

Psychology, College of Social Sciences
Sponsor: NASA
Title: Human Systems Integration: Collaborative Human Factors Research to Improve Safety, Efficiency, and Reliability of NASA's Aeronautics and Space Missions

For 30 years, San José State University has partnered with NASA Ames Research Center (ARC) on collaborative human systems integration research that has made air and space travel more safe, efficient, and reliable. A new five-year research plan will build upon SJSU's collaborative work in the Human Systems Integration Division, other ARC Divisions, and the U.S. Military.

P.I.: Ronald Mak

Computer Engineering, College of Engineering
Sponsor: Stinger-Ghaffarian Technologies
Title: NASA Ames ISRDS-2 Internships

This grant funds internship positions for qualified SJSU students to work on projects at NASA Ames Research Center under the direction of Stinger-Ghaffarian Technologies (SGT Inc.), a primary NASA contractor. This is a unique and valuable opportunity to work on space-related hardware and software projects at the nation’s leading agency for science and technology.

P.I.: David Schuster

Psychology, College of Social Sciences
Sponsor: National Science Foundation
Title: CAREER: Understanding the Cognitive Processes of Computer Network Defense

The role of cyber security professionals, individuals responsible for ensuring the ongoing security of their organization’s network, has developed as a specialized subset within information technology careers. Broadly, cyber security professionals investigate network activity to find, identify, and respond to anomalies. The research objective of this project is to identify cognitive outcomes associated with successful threat response in computer network defense and leverage those outcomes to improve training for cyber security professionals.

P.I. & Co-P.I.'s: Emily Slusser, Maria Fusaro & Andrea Golloher

Child & Adolescent Development, College of Education
Sponsor: Santa Clara County Office of Education
Title: Early Childhood STEM Education: Training and Ambassador Program

With the support of the Local Early Education Planning Council of Santa Clara County, the PIs will offer a series of three half- to full-day workshops designed to enhance participants’ understanding of STEM education in early learning environments. Workshops will be designed and facilitated by SJSU faculty, each of whom bring extensive experience and expertise in early childhood and are affiliates with the Lurie College of Education’s Early Childhood Initiative. The workshops will take place at SJSU during Spring 2019.

P.I.: Susan Snycerski

Psychology, College of Social Sciences
Sponsor: NASA
Title: Implementing Macroergonomics for Increasing the Safe, Effective, and Efficient Operation of the Entry Systems and Technology Division's High Enthalpy Facilities

This award will fund a three-year cooperative agreement between the Thermo-Physics Facilities Branch (Code TSF) at NASA Ames Research Center and the Department of Psychology. SJSU Research Foundation personnel at a variety of levels will collaborate with NASA scientists on their research endeavors. In addition to the Principal Investigator, other personnel may consist of master’s-level graduate students and undergraduate students.

P.I. & Co-P.I.s: Julie Spitzer, Cheryl Roddick & Jordan Schettler

Mathematics & Statistics, College of Science
Sponsor: Regents of the University of California
Title: Santa Clara Valley Mathematics Project (ESSA federal funds)

The Santa Clara Valley Mathematics Project provides professional development programs for teachers in the Santa Clara Valley region. Located in the Department of Mathematics at San Jose State University, the project offers research-based programs aligned with the Common Core, English Language Development, and Career & Technical Education standards that are designed to improve student understanding of mathematics. This award provides funding for teacher training in mathematics and and in strategies for teaching successfully to the diverse student population in the region.

P.I.: Nicholas Welschmeyer

Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, College of Science
Sponsor: California Maritime Academy
Title: PIA Evoqua Ballast Project

Funding will support the California Maritime Academy's Golden Bear Research Center's efforts to complete an assessment and evaluation report on the Evoqua Ballast Water Management System. Sample collection and data analysis has begun and additional evaluations, analysis, data reporting, and assessments for seven additional project tests are underway. 

P.I.: Katherine Wilkinson

Biological Sciences, College of Science
Sponsor: Department of Health & Human Services
Title: Control of Muscle Proprioceptor Sensitivity

Complex motor behaviors rely on a constantly updated sense of body position in space, or proprioception. Sensory input from many systems are integrated during proper proprioception, but sensory neurons found in muscles, known as muscle spindle afferents, seem to be the most important. Dr. Wilkinson and her students will seek a better understanding of how muscle proprioceptors are regulated under normal circumstances and in disease states.