The Research Foundation's travel authorization and reimbursement process provides a system whereby individuals traveling on Research Foundation business can be reimbursed for travel expenses. To facilitate reimbursement, travelers must do the following:

  • Review and understand the Research Foundation Travel Policy.
  • Review and understand the 2019 SJSURF Travel Bulletin.
  • Ensure proper authorization for the business travel is obtained prior to making arrangements that cannot be cancelled or departing on your trip.
  • Travelers must submit their Travel Expense Claim Form to their analyst within 15 days of returning from the trip.


Faculty and SJSU Staff

Please follow the SJSURF Faculty and Staff Travel Approval and Expense Guide.


Research Foundation Employees, Project Participants and
SJSU Students

Please follow the Research Foundation Employee, Project Participant, and SJSU Student Travel Authorization and Expense Reimbursement Guide.