AFLAC Insurance

Supplemental Insurance from
American Family Life Assurance Company (AFLAC)

The Research Foundation makes AFLAC policies available to help eligible employees with out-of-pocket health care expenses. These supplemental AFLAC policies are 100% employee-paid and are available on a voluntary basis and are portable. You can sign up for AFLAC programs when newly hired as a benefitted employee or during open enrollment. These programs are listed below.

Personal Cancer Indemnity

  • A lump-sum benefit $4,000 payable upon initial cancer
  • A wellness benefit payable for cancer Benefits payable for radiation, chemotherapy, experimental treatments, surgery, skin cancer surgery, breast and other/ reconstruction.
  • Daily hospitalization benefits payable for hospital stays, extended facility, home & hospice care, nursing
  • Transportation and lodging benefits payable for travel to receive
  • Dependent children covered at no additional cost

Semi-monthly Cost

Employee Only - 20.18

Employee + Child - 20.64

Employee + Spouse – 36.30

Family – 36.76    

Critical Care Protection Option 2

  • $7,500 First Occurrence Benefit Heart Attack, Stroke, Cardiac Arrest, Third-Degree Burns, Coma, Paralysis
  • Coronary Angioplasty, Hospital Confinement Hospital Intensive Care Unit
  • Continuing Care Benefit Ambulance Benefit
  • Lodging Benefit & Transportation

Semi-monthly Cost

Employee Only – 8.45 – 21.12

Employee + Child – 14.37 -28.80

Employee + Spouse – 16.25 – 39.65

Family – 18.46 – 43.03

*Pricing based on Age*

Hospital Confinement pays $1000 

  • Rehabilitation pays $100 per day up to 15 days Emergency Room pays $100, 2 payments per year, per person
  • Hospital Short Stay pays $100 less than 23 hours, 2 payments per year, per person
  • Physician Visits, Laboratory Test, X-Ray, Medical Diagnostic & Imaging, Ambulance Benefit, Surgery, Invasive Diagnostic Exams, ICU.

Semi-monthly Cost

Employee Only – 29.06 – 36.98

Employee + Child – 42.31 – 49.85

Employee + Spouse – 42.31 – 49.85

Family – 53.37 – 70.46

*Pricing based on Age*

Accident Advantage Option 3

  • Covers you & your family 24/7
  • At work, sports, school, home, commuting
  • Pays $1000 Initial Hospitalization, $2,000 Intensive care
  • Pays $250 per day of Hospitalization
  • $60 Wellness once per calendar year, per family
  • Accidental Death Benefit $40,000

Semi-monthly Cost

Employee Only – 13.46

Employee + Child – 20.86

Employee + Spouse – 17.94

Family – 26.26

Short-Term Disability w/ Guaranteed Issue

  • Pays in addition to State disability
  • Covers off the job accidents and illnesses
  • Benefits for Total & Partial Disability and Maternity Leave 

Semi-monthly Cost

Average   11.70 - 39.71

Individually quoted  

Based on income and benefit chosen    

Life Protector

  • Up to $500,000
  • Whole Life or 10, 20 or 30 year term
  • Also available for your spouse & children
  • Both available w/accelerated death benefit and accidental death benefit rider 

Semi-monthly Cost

Average   4.03 - 32.50

Individually quoted  

Additional Dental, Vision & Life  Insurance

Semi-monthly Cost

Individually quoted  

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA’s) are provided by Takecare by Wageworks and administered by Aflac.  They allow you to set aside money on a pre-tax basis to cover Health Care, Dependent Care and Commuter Express expenses not normally covered by your primary (medical, dental vision) or other supplemental benefits. Once signed up for an FSA you must renew your elections yearly during Open enrollment if you wish for contributions to continue. You can review your FSA balance and claims information by signing up and creating an account on the Takecare by Wageworks website here.

Health Care FSA

As of 1/1/20, you may set aside up to $2,750 annually on a PRE-tax basis to pay for out-of-pocket health care-related expenses that your health, dental, and vision plans do not already cover. For a list of covered expenses please see the Wageworks website here.

Dependent Care Account

As of 1/1/14, you may set aside up to $5,000 annually on a PRE-tax basis to pay for dependent care expenses. Dependent care expenses include child daycare fees, afterschool programs for children, babysitting costs and elder care. For a full list of eligible dependent care expenses click here.

Commuter Express Transit and Parking Account

As of 1/1/19, you may set aside up to $260 per month for transit expenses going to and from work and $100 per month on non-employer covered work related parking on a PRE-tax basis. Once elected commuter express transit and parking accounts can be adjusted on a month to month basis. For a full list of eligible travel expenses click here.