Timecard Approval for Supervisors

To approve your employee's online timecards, you will need to be using one of the browsers below:

PC: Firefox, IE, or Chrome (use "light" version with Chrome)

Mac: Chrome, Safari, IE


Approver Online Log-In

Go to the Approver Online Timecard link. This log-in window will appear:

Approver Online Link

Log in using the text "SJSUAD\" followed by your nine-digit SJSU Single Sign-On ID 
(your Tower ID number). 

Your password is your SJSU Single Sign-On ID password (your Tower ID password).


After you log on, you will see this window:

Prod Workflow Task List


Click on the far right icon, "Prod Workflow Task List." This window will appear:

Sign In

Enter the same ID and password as above, then press "Submit."


The approval screen will then appear:

Approval Screen


Once you are finished with your approvals, press the submit button.


If you need assistance, please contact the Research Foundation IT team at: