Workers Compensation

Safety is the responsibility of each employee and is a key priority at the Research Foundation. Each employee must contribute to the safe work practices of the Research Foundation. The Research Foundation Workers’ Compensation is a NO FAULT program.  Irrespective of whether or not an employee’s own conduct or actions contributed to or caused the injury or illness will not normally affect their eligibility to receive appropriate medical attention and treatment from the SJSU Research Foundation Workers’ Compensation program.

Occupational injuries or illnesses are covered by the Research Foundation’s Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy through CSURMA/AORMA, and is provided at no cost to the employee. The Workers’ Compensation program is currently administered by Sedgwick CMS.

When an employee is injured or becomes ill on the job, and the injury or illness is work- related, the employee MUST IMMEDIATELY notify their assigned manager or supervisor, or call Human Resources directly, unless doing so would hurt the employee by the delay for seeking medical assistance.

In an emergency, please call or dial 9-1-1.  

What is the timeframe to report a claim?  Five (5) days.

California law requires the Research Foundation to complete an Employer’s Report of Occupational Injury or Illness (DLSR 5020) within five days of their knowledge of every occupational injury or illness which results in lost time beyond the date of the incident OR which requires medical treatment beyond first aid.  Per Labor Code Sec. 5402, an employer’s knowledge of an injury, obtained from ANY source, including a managing agent, superintendent, foreman, or other person in authority, or an employer’s knowledge of an assertion of a claim of injury, is an equivalent notice of injury. The time frame mentioned is a legal obligation which must be adhered to.

The Research Foundation’s Workers’ Compensation program does not cover Independent Contractors or Volunteers.  While these individuals should be medically referred, the proper referral is to their personal physicians or clinics.

In an illness or injury, the first order of business is to get medical assistance for the injured or ill employee. 

Supervisor or Manager must:

  1. Provide first aid, if he or she is medically trained, or if first aid trained staff is readily available.
  2. As soon as possible, either accompany or arrange transportation for the employee to the appropriate medical facility. Please refer to the Preferred Providers Clinics 
    NOTE: If the injured or ill employee is a student of SJSU, then please refer the student to the SJSU Student Health Center located on campus.
  3. Notify Research Foundation HR about the injury/illness as soon as possible. Be prepared to give a short account of what happened. You will be asked to fill out an Accident report: Status Report.  Please keep the reporting time in mind.

For more information, please contact:   Lupe Lechuga, Director of Human Resources at (408) 924-1410 or  or  Ranjit Kaur, Associate Director of Human Resources, at (408) 924-1409 or