Project Revisions

Budget Revisions

When a project has been funded all expenditures must align with the approved proposal budget. If a change becomes necessary after the project has been funded due to equipment price changes or scope of work changes, prior approval from the Research Foundation is required. Additional documentation and approval(s) from the sponsoring agency may also be required. Sponsored Programs managers will work with principal investigators to prepare and submit budget revisions to the sponsoring agency.

Revisions in the Scope of the Proposed Project

Changes that significantly affect the scope of work, direction, or other areas that necessitate a significant change from the proposed project plan require sponsoring agency approval.

Project Extensions

If additional time is needed beyond the original project end date to complete the proposed scope of work, the principal investigator contacts the sponsored programs analyst to submit a no cost extension request to the sponsoring agency. Updates to all required certifications, including conflict of interest, financial disclosures, human subjects and animal welfare covering the additional time period are required. Requests for extensions should be made no later than 30 days before the current end date of a project.

Change in Personnel

Any changes to key personnel, whose skills, knowledge, and expertise are critical to the success of the project require prior approval. Sponsored Programs managers will work with principal investigators to prepare and submit a request to approve the change in personnel.