Reporting Requirements

Time and Effort Reports

Required to verify that the individual is performing the work, and that the effort distribution in the HR/Payroll system is a reasonable reflection of how the individual’s effort was actually performed on the federally funded project. Time and effort reports should reflect activities that are specific to each sponsored agreement, general operations, and other applicable indirect activities.

Technical Status Reports

Prepared by the principal investigator and submitted to the sponsoring agency based on the sponsor’s requirements. For audit purposes, a copy of the report must also be forwarded to the Sponsored Programs manager.

Financial Reports

Provided to sponsoring agencies as required. Sponsored Programs managers work with principal investigators to prepare and submit the reports.

Monthly Account Status Reports

Generated by the Research Foundation at the close of each month; provides a financial report to principal investigators for their account(s). The report reflects transaction details of the previous month and is processed and printed during the first week of the following month. Principal investigators will typically receive the report via intercampus or electronic mail during the second week of the month. Principal investigators should promptly review the report and contact their Sponsored Programs manager with any discrepancies. The Monthly Account Status Report contains three sections:

  • A Cumulative Summary of the Account
  • Transaction Details for the Month
  • Outstanding Encumbrances