Preparing Proposals

Winning grants and contracts is a highly competitive effort. The grant proposals that are most frequently funded are those where the author has paid scrupulous attention to the details and deadlines defined in the sponsoring agency's proposal guidelines.

The SJSU Research Foundation Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) partners with investigators in all aspects of proposal development and submission. Whether the investigator is new to the grant proposal process or a seasoned investigator, OSP is here to ensure that the proposal meets all federal, state, other sponsors, and university guidelines and requirements.

Sponsored Programs managers provide pre-award services that assist in various aspects of the proposal preparation and submission phase, including interpretation of the sponsoring agency's guidelines, budget development, coordination of required approvals, and regulation and compliance requirements.

The pre-award process starts when the principal investigator creates a project concept, consults with his or her chair and dean, notifies the Sponsored Programs manager and selects a funding source that is suitable to his or her research concept. The pre-award process ends when the proposal is submitted and received by the funding agency. If you prefer discussing your proposal plans in person or need assistance locating appropriate resources to get started, please contact Associate Director Lan Duong by phone at 408-924-1426 or by email at


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