Limited Submissions

Sponsoring agencies sometimes restrict the number of applications or proposals that a campus can submit. Generally, limited submission programs allow the campus to submit only one or two proposals for each application cycle. SJSU and the SJSU Research Foundation coordinate the internal limited submission process to ensure that the institution does not exceed the allowable number of proposals.

The limited submission process begins with the principal investigator submitting the internal SJSU Letter of Intent (LOI) to their department chair and dean. If approved by the chair and dean, the LOI goes to the associate vice president for the Office of Researchfor review. The AVP for the Office of Research reviews and makes the decision. The AVP convenes a committee to assist with review and final decision as needed.

Principal Investigator

  • Reviews the program solicitation and sponsor’s guidelines.
  • Completes the internal SJSU Limited Submission Letter of Intent (LOI) form [doc] and submits the form in portable document format to the deans and chairs for all participants listed as principal investigator and co-principal investigator with a copy to Senior Manager OSP Information Services, Brenda Swann at by the SJSU internal deadline. An email confirmation of receipt will be sent to the principal investigator within two (2) business days after the SJSU internal deadline.

Note: If the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline will be the next business day after the weekend or holiday.

Deans and Chairs

  • Review the letter of intent.
  • Submit concurrences or comments for the principal investigator and for all co-principal investigators listed on the LOI form to within three (3) business days after the stated SJSU internal deadline.

SJSU Letter of Intent Review Criteria

The SJSU Letter of Intent will be evaluated on the following:

  • Completeness based on requirements
  • Quality and description of the proposal
  • How well the proposal fits sponsor’s guidelines
  • Perceived chances of successful funding based upon the sponsor’s criteria

SJSU Research Foundation and the Associate Vice President for Research

  • SJSU Research Foundation reviews SJSU letters of intent for completeness and forwards to the AVP for Research.
  • The AVP for Research reviews the letter(s) of intent and approves the application that is to be submitted on behalf of the university. 
  • If additional review is required, the AVP for Research convenes a committee to assist in the final selection.