Research Projects

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There are three initial projects that have been inspired by current and former foster youth who have identified concerns to them. Those projects include the followoing:

  • Identifying Success: Finding out what young people in foster care identify as factors that lead to "success;" so often these factors are identified by service providers, researchers, or other adults who have never been in out of home care. 

  • How Foster Youth Feel about Placement: Exploring the experience of those who have been in care in family homes 

  • Former Foster Youth and Homelessness: Former foster youth are often identified in homeless populations; while many times these youth are eligible for services, do former foster youth who are homeless receive the servieces to which they are entitled? If so, how? If not, why not?

With approval from the RIFYI Research Committee members may initiate their own research projects through the RIFYI.

Other research projects can be initiated by public and private service providers, based on their research interests and concerns.