SJSU Salzburg Fellows


SJSU Salzburg Fellows | Schloss Leopoldskron (GCP #64 | July 2014)

SJSU Salzburg Fellows are selected as part of San José State’s efforts to develop a critical mass of change agents who will work together across institutional boundaries to globalize the campus in more coherent ways.  Fellows are chosen from different units all over SJSU—including senior administration, academic colleges and departments, student affairs, and advancement—because our Program focuses on strategies and activities that are intended to transform a wide range of curricular, co-curricular, and operational aspects in the University as a whole.

Participation in this Program is open to any employee of the University.  Preference is given to full-time faculty, administrators, and staff who have excelled in their university respon-sibilities, demonstrated a commitment to working for the greater good of SJSU, and propose to work on an innovative project during their 18-month service as a Fellow.  Nominations and applications are usually solicited sometime in the Fall semester through a brief online Application Package, with candidates evaluated by a Selection Committee composed of SJSU Salzburg Fellows and Scholars.  Although the number varies each year depending on fund-ing, as well as how many spots are allocated to SJSU by the Salzburg Global Seminar, we usually appoint 10–15 Fellows annually.

The new Fellows participate in orientation activities during the Spring semester, attend an intensive week-long Global Citizenship Seminar in July, and spend the following academic year working with other SJSU Salzburg Fellows and SJSU Salzburg Scholars on a variety of individual and group Projects to promote global citizenship, positively affect the University as a whole, and strengthen their own abilities to live and work in a complex interconnected world.

This brings the total of SJSU Salzburg Fellows to 121 since the Program began in 2005 - 12 Fellows in 2006-2007, 16 Fellows in 2007-2008, 11 Fellows in 2008-2009, 11 Fellows in 2009-2010, 10 Fellows in 2010-2011, 17 Fellows in 2011-2012, 15 Fellows in 2012-2013, 14 Fellows in 2013-2014, 7 Fellows in 2014-2015, 6 Fellows in 2015-2016, and 1 Fellow in 2016-2017.  In addition, there are several other SJSU faculty members who have attended one or more of the Seminar’s traditional sessions and also participate in some SJSU Salzburg Program activities.