One of the most important components of the SJSU Salzburg Program is the commitment that SJSU Salzburg Fellows and SJSU Salzburg Scholars make to collaborate on projects for globalizing the campus during their 18-month participation in the Program.  These projects can range from introducing new curricular elements into existing university courses to creating co-curricular training modules about critical issues for resident advisors.  They can also include the development of new courses on global citizenship or assistance in managing different aspects of the SJSU Salzburg Program as a whole.

Fellows and Scholars work together during the school year on at least one major joint project, during which time the Fellows are also expected to mentor the Scholars about their life and career plans in general.  Fellows and Scholars meet on a regular basis (formally and informally) so they can serve as sounding boards and enhance their mutual development as global citizens.  In addition, they convene for occasional group meetings during the academic year to coordinate their efforts and share results, including an SJSU Salzburg Reception at the end of the Spring semester.

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