Minor in Science Education

The minor in Science Education can be undertaken in conjunction with any BA or BS program in which students are subject matter competent in biology, chemistry, physics/astronomy, meteorology/climate science or geology/earth sciences.

Students completing this minor complete coursework that is required by the Single Subject Credential program. However, completion of the minor does not guarantee that students will be accepted into the Single Subject Credential Program. Students interested in earning a teaching credential should discuss this with their SCED 273 instructor and visit the SJSU Teacher Education website: Applying for your Credential

University Graduation Requirements (14 units)

To be awarded a minor, at least 12 units of coursework must be completly distinct and separate fromt the coursework in the major (University Policy S16-4)

Minor – Science Education (14 units)

EDEL 294  Health & Mainstreaming (3 units)

SCED 175  Classroom Experiences in Science Education (1 unit(2x) - Must take SCED 175 twice to meet requirement) 

SCED 174  Training to Teach (3 units)

EDTE 224  Psych. Foundations (3 units)

*SCED 273  Secondary School Science (Methods) (3 units) - (single subject credential interest)


*EDEL 108B  Curriculum-Science (3 units) - (multiple credential interest)  

Students interested in teaching elementary or middle school science should take EDEL 108B - Curriculum-Science, while students interested in teaching junior high or high school science should take SCED 273 - Secondary School Science (both courses require senior standing or post baccalaureate standing and instructor consent).