Technology Corner


Dr. Resa Kelly offers an electronic learning tool on precipitation reactions - it features a cartoon tutor Dr. NRG.

Generaly Chemistry Videos and Atomic Level Animations - This NSF awarded project features videos of chemical reactions and offers conflicting animations that tasks the student with deterimining which animation is the best fit with the evidence and the most scientifically accurate.

Dr. Resa Kelly    
Dr. Eugene Cordero   We've created the Green Ninja, a climate-action superhero that encourages young people towards actions that reduce carbon emissions. At present, most children know very little about climate change and their teachers are often underprepared to teach these topics in their classes. Our project develops short films, social media tools and accompanying teacher lesson plans that connect the science of climate change with the humorous adventures of the Green Ninja. In a manner similar to Smokey the Bear and Woodsy Owl, we aim to create a universally recognized icon for action on climate change. At present, our weather and climate continue to change and without significant reductions in carbon emissions, our children will inherit a significantly more difficult world to live in. So that's why we need the Green Ninja!
Dr. Eugene Codero