SJSU University and College of Science Awards

College of Science Awards

  • Award of Distinction: Dr. Pat Grillione, Professor Emeritus of Biology
  • Dean's Scholar: Dr. Lionel Cheruzel, Professor of Chemistry
  • Staff Excellence: Cher Jones, Dean’s Office & Randy Kirchner, CoS Safety Officer
  • Innovation for Student Success: Dr. Don Reed, Professor of Geology & Dr. Mary Poffenroth, Lecturer, Biological Sciences
  • Research with and Mentoring of Students: Dr. Mark Stamp, Professor of Computer Science
  • Outstanding Recent Graduate: Dr. Anne Sanquini, 2010 MS Geology
  • Outstanding Teacher: Dr. Alison Bridger, Professor of Meteorology & Climate Science

University Awards

  • Outstanding Professor: Dr. Lionel Cheruzel, Professor of Chemistry
  • Distinguished Service Honorable Mention: Jocelyn Douglas, Moss Landing Marine Labs Health and Safety Officer
  • Staff of the Year: Rhett Frantz, Moss Landing Marine Labs Systems & Network