2018 SJSURF Early Career Investigator Award

Minghui pic

Dr. Minghui Diao leads the Cloud and Aerosol Research Group in the Department of Meteorology and Climate Science at San Jose State University. Her research topics range from microscopic features of ice nucleation inside clouds, to fine particulate matter emission and transport, and the impacts of clouds and aerosols on climate change and regional air quality.

Some of her research questions include: What types of clouds form over Antarctica and Southern Ocean? What is the concentration of PM2.5 particles in the Bay Area? How do anthropogenic aerosols affect cloud formation and global climate change? To answer these questions, her group uses a comprehensive toolkit, including aircraft observations from field campaigns, laboratory experiments of an airborne instrument, satellite data, and numerical simulations on supercomputers. Her group’s research is primarily funded by the National Science Foundation and NASA. To learn more about Dr. Diao’s research group, visit www.cloud-research.org.