2019 CoS Dean Scholar Award


This award is given annually to a faculty member who has established a regional, national or international reputation for excellence in research, scholarship or creative activity.   

Dr. Clements leads a very active and successful Wildfire Research Group in the SJSU College of Science. His work has gained him recognition in the state, the nation, and on the international scene. He has been invited to participate in and lend his expertise to field campaigns across the world, including ones in New Zealand, Spain, and across the United States. His work is the ultimate real-time science, requiring that he be in the field on a moment’s notice. His reputation is such that he was able to bring together >150 local, state, national and international participants for a conference last spring on extremely short notice (CalFire, Air Resources Board, etc.) He has frequently been called on by the press local and national press  http://www.sjsu.edu/science/Extreme_Fire_Research/index.html . He has accomplished much of this on his own, but is now on the verge of forming a Wildfire Center at SJSU. We commend him for his important work in this critical field.

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