SJSU Emergency Response Plan

San José State has an Emergency Response Plan that can be reviewed during normal business hours. This plan is also called the Hazardous Materials Management or Business Plan. Parts of this plan include pre-emergency planning and coordination with outside parties.

  • The Fire Department has been sent copies of chemical inventories and locations.
  • The Fire Department will be called in the event that a spill or incident is too large for our hazardous materials personnel to handle.
  • The primary and supporting police and fire departments have been designated. The emergency coordinator is responsible for all emergency activities until authorities from one of the primary emergency response agencies relieve them.
  • Other agencies that may need to be contacted during an emergency are detailed and include OSHA, Santa Clara Regional Water Quality Control Board, Regional EPA Office, etc.
  • Hospitals and other emergency medical facilities.

COS Safety Programs

Besides the campus emergency response plan, the College of Science also has two other main safety programs. One is the Chemical Hygiene Plan that covers the storage of chemicals within the college, and the necessary procedures to follow in case of a hazardous waste spill or accident. The other program is the Blood-Borne Pathogen Control Program that covers all of the microbiological materials found within the college, and the policies and procedures covering the handling, storage and cleanup of these materials.

Emergency Procedures Handbook

The University Police Department has a manual that goes over common emergencies and the proper response(s) in its Emergency Procedures Handbook. You'll find the Emergency Procedures Handbook and the Family Safety Handbook in PDF format under Emergency Preparedness.