To access this online training tutorial you will need to 1) download and install the Hyperstudio player and the Quicktime player; 2) Open the Awareness Training tutorial; and 3) Please read the Word document titled "Instructions" so that you are able to load and navigate through the course. This training consists of numerous modules that you can navigate through at your own pace. Once you have downloaded and installed all of the components necessary to play the Awareness Tutorial and adjusted your monitor settings accordingly, then click on the zip file module "Awareness Training.stk" to begin.

Depending on your computer's monitor settings, you may need to adjust them to have the tutorial fit your screen correctly. To change your monitor settings, go to your "Start Up" menu, select "Settings", select "Control Panel", double-click on "Display", select the "Settings" tab. In the lower right-hand portion of this "Settings" tab is an area labeled "Screen Area" with "less" on the left and "more" on the right. Between these two words is a slide bar with a value of "X" by "Y" pixels. If the value is less than 1024 x 768, grab the slide bar and change the value to 1024 by 768 pixels. Click "OK" and you will get a message titled "Display Properties" stating that it will apply the new settings, please click "OK."Your screen will turn blank/black for a few seconds and then you will get another "Monitor Settings" message stating that your settings will be reset to your original settings unless you click "Yes." Please click "Yes." If the tutorial screens are still too big for your monitor to navigate comfortably, please repeat this process and increase the pixel settings one more set of values to the right. Once you are done with the tutorial, you can repeat this process and put your monitor display back to your original settings (you may want to write down what your original monitor display settings are so that you do not forget).