Selection Process

Ten graduate students will be selected each year from among applicants to master’s in Biology(MA/MS) and Professional Science Master of Biotechnology (MBT) programs. Graduate applicants from other departments and colleges with suitable background will be considered as well (e.g. Health Science, Bioengineering and Computer Science). Biological Sciences M.A. and M.S. candidates have career goals in basic research and emphasize a specialty through their program of study. Master’s candidates in MBT program are seeking careers in the private sector emphasizing product development and commercialization. Both these programs provide advanced laboratory training, but have distinct career trajectories.

Students accepted into the SJSU SCILL Program are primarily California residents and representative of California demographics.

Trainee Selection Timeline

Application Deadline Submission to SJSU SCILL by March 1st

SCILL application packages consisting of: SJSU SCILL application form (collecting demographic information), resume, 3 letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, transcripts from all universities, GRE scores, and TOEFL results are submitted to the key personnel.

Application screening (March - April)

Applicants to the SJSU SCILL Program are screened and ranked by the leadership team according to their previous academic performance (GPA 3.0 and above), previous lab bench experience, GRE and TOEFL scores.

Interview at SJSU and acceptance to SCILL (March - April)

Suitable applicants (typically 30 students) are invited to an interview with the management team at SJSU. The ten most suitable students are notified by email and offered a position in the SJSU SCILL Program. Students are allowed 7 days to consider the offer. Ranked alternates are invited in order to take unfilled spots.

Introduction of newly selected students at the SCILL annual reception (early May)

Incoming SJSU SCILL students are introduced to faculty and students during the reception for graduating SJSU SCILL students where they have an opportunity to learn about internship experiences and meet SJSU SCILL advisors, internship coordinators and internship PI/mentors.

New Student Orientation (early August)

Students will attend an orientation conducted by the SJSU SCILL and MBT program directors. Students will obtain further clarification on the program, receive academic advising and information on class schedules, and interact with their cohort.

Program Begins (late August)

SCILL program starts with Year 1 of the Fall semester