Internship Placement Process

The internship placement decisions are the result of a collaborative process involving each intern’s unique interests and career objectives, the SJSU SCILL mentor and internship coordinators, and internship PI/mentors who collaborate to assure a successful match.

Year 1, Fall Semester

Identify An Internship Topic

Students interact with guest speakers from potential internship sites and further research internship options on the collaborator’s websites. Students also attend stem cell retreat institutes at Stanford and UCSC, which further familiarize them with the variety of internship possibilities, mentors and institutional cultures.

Year 1, Spring Semester, February

  • Attend Open House at internship site

Internship partners hold a one-day Open House to allow students to visit the sites, hear about their work and meet with some of the potential PI/mentors.

Year 1, Spring Semester, March - April

Submit A Prioritized Request To Interview

Decisions on internship placement are made upon mutual interests of the student, PI/mentors and SCILL advisor and a request is submitted for a maximum of 4 investigators.

  • Student biographies and grades available to internship PIs
  • Students submit prioritized list of 4 internship labs
  • Internship coordinators facilitate interview schedule
  • Students are interviewed at internship sites

Year 1 Spring Semester, May

Students are notified about internship placements.

Year 2, Fall Semester, September

  • Human ESC Workshop
  • Internship starts