Advisory Committee

The SJSU SCILL Advisory Committee provides program oversight and guidance. The Committee members were selected for their range of perspectives and experience in education, administration, internship program design and implementation, stem cell research, stem cell product commercialization, and stem cell clinical applications.

The SJSU SCILL Advisory Committee makes recommendations to the Program Director and the SJSU Mentorship Coordinator regarding success in meeting our three criteria:

  • student’s individual professional goals
  • program-wide function
  • employment and advancement of its graduates in stem cell careers

Advisory Committee Members

Tzvia Abramson (SJSU SCILL Director/Faculty Advisor/Leadership Team, SJSU)

Leila Khatib (SCILL Faculty Advisor/Leadership Team, MBT co-director, SJSU)

Bree Grillo-Hill (SCILL Faculty Advisor/Leadership Team SJSU)

Elaine Collins (Associate Dean, College of Science, SJSU)

Samantha Kerath (Director of Sponsored Programs, SJSU)

Vittorio Sebastiano (Scientist, mentor and Stanford University PI, hESC course)

Cindy Klein (Coordinator and hESC course instructor at Stanford University)

Birgitt Schuele (Scientist, mentor and coordinator at Parkinson Institute)

Sofie Salama (Scientist and mentor at UCSC)

Catharina Lindley (UCSC intern coordinator)

Tim Fong (AllCells)

Christopher Tan (Neurona)

Markus Lacher (Notable Labs)

Maddalena Adorno (Notable Labs)

Stewart Chambers (Amgen) 

Mo Mandegar (Tenaya Therapeutics) 

Suchitra Prasad (Soteria Biotherapeutics)