About Our Graduates

We are now completing the 8th year of the SJSU SCILL Program. By the end of May 2018, a total of 80 professionals will have become SJSU SCILL alumni, all equipped with leading-edge skills in the stem cell field that will contribute to development of stem cell therapies. More than 92% of our graduates are employed in biotech, academia or health-related graduate programs, and about 51% of them work directly in stem cell research.

Graduates from SJSU SCILL program are also involved in community outreach: Jessica Westfall and Andrew Smith volunteered at the AAAS Family Science Days representing CIRM and work with young children and families in the community to advance stem cell understanding.

The SJSU SCILL Program not only provides a high quality workforce, but also enables 80 young California citizens to proudly enter the job market immediately after graduating. We are proud that SJSU CIRM Bridges Program has improved the lives of all Californians and the economical prosperity of the state by advancing stem cell research and development of clinical therapies.