Handbook (Const-Bylaws-Rules)


Table of Contents

Preface (pdf)

Table of Contents

I. Organization and Function of the Senate

Constitution (pdf)
Bylaws (pdf)                                                                                                      Standing Rules (pdf)                                                                                    Organizational Chart (pdf)
Administrative Flow Chart (pdf)

II. Committees

Committees (Charge and Membership) (pdf)
Statement on Committee Relationships (pdf)
List of Committees (pdf)
Flow Chart of Committees (pdf)
Policy Committee Assignment
Operating Committee Assignments
Special Agency Assignments
Other Committee Assignments
Special Senate Committees

III. Procedures and Information

Instructional Memoranda

Policy Committees—Procedural Guidelines (pdf)
Operating Committees—Procedural Guidelines (pdf)

Guidelines for Reports and Resolutions

Guidelines for Reports and Proposals (pdf)
Referrals Guidelines (pdf)
Sample Referral Form (pdf)

IV. Personnel

List of Senators by Classification
Academic Senate Roster (phone, department, email etc.) (pdf)

V. Calendar

Calendar of Meetings (pdf)

VI. Appendix: Authority of Academic Senate

Campus President's Acceptance of Senate Authority—Appendix A
Statewide Academic Senate's Elaboration Of Senate Authority—Appendix B
Chancellor's Acceptance Of Senate Authority—Appendix C
Trustee's Acceptance of Senate Authority—Appendix D