Chair, Professional Standards Policy Committee

Kenneth Peter

Kenneth Peter

Professor, Political Science Department

Office: CL 471
ZIP: 0119
Campus Phone: 45562

Ph.D., Philosophy, Politics, Princeton, 1988

M.A., Politics, Princeton, 1984

B.A., Political Science with Honors in Humanities, Stanford, 1981

Chairs of Senate Policy Committees, (1) as members of the Executive Committee, shall maintain liaison between their respective committees and the Executive Committee, and shall consult the Executive Committee regarding policy proposals, policy review, and other matters in the area of their committee's responsibility which may be brought before the Senate; (2) as chairs of their respective committees, they shall preside at meetings, shall review existing policies in the area of their committee's responsibility and suggest appropriate revisions, shall take care that operating committees reporting to their committee meet and conduct business, and shall direct committee operations, seeing that minutes are taken and filed with the Senate office, agendas sent, policies drafted, annual reports filed, etc."  

Professional Standards Committee—Responsible for all areas pertaining to faculty affairs and professional standards.