Curriculum Policies

Policy No Subject Supersedes/


Combined Bachelor's and Master's Programs



Credit Hours and Maximum Unit Load during Summer and Intersession

Rescinds S75-12  


Metropolitan University Scholars experience (MUSE) new STudent Seminar Program in Core General Education 

Rescinds S02-6  


Rescinds F83-10, Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) Examination; Sanctions; Probation

Rescinds F83-10  


SJSU Graduate and Undergraduate University Learning Goals

Rescinds and Replaces S13-2  


Organization of the Program Planning Process at SJSU

Rescinds and Replaces S94-2, S96-10, and F03-4  


Graduate Course Revalidation



Required Enrollment for Culminating Graduate Students

Rescinds F11-2  


Course Syllabi

Rescinds F06-2 and S12-3  


Minimum Criteria for Undergraduate Minors

Rescinds S75-4 These criteria will apply to all minor programs by Fall 2018.


Credit by Exam for Challenge Examinations



Physical Education Requirement

Amends S13-3, Rescinds S73-5 and F96-12


Guidelines for Concentrations


Effective Fall 2014


Modify the Review and Approval Process for Academic Certificates




Merging, Dividing, Transferring, Eliminating Academic Units

Amends S06-7



Temporary Accomodation for Degree Programs Reducing to 120 Units

 Amended by S14-11



Review and Approval Process for Academic Certificates 

Amended by S13-10



ABC/NC Grading

Amends S10-2, S09-7, S99-6, S95-5, section F



Removal of Mandated ABC/NC Grading for English 1A and 1B

Amended by S11-5, Amends S99-6, S95-5, Section F, and F88-6



Grading Symbols, Drop and Withdrawal, Retro Drop and Withdrawal, Assignment of Grades, Grade Appeals, Change of Grade and Integrity of Academic Record

Amended by S11-5, F10-3 and Rescinds S73-14, S73-15, S73-16, S73-28, and Amends S07-6




Repetition of Courses, Academic Renewal

Amends S04-2, Rescinds F78-3, S94-4, S00-10, and F94-5  


Incorporating Accessibility into the Curriculum Review Process



Final Exam Evaluation or Culminating Activity Policy

  Effective Fall 2006


Substantive Change



Policies and Procedures for Designating Service Learning Courses



120 Unit Requirement for the Baccalaureate Degree

S00-6 Course Offering and Enrollment Standards Rescinds F66-3 and F66-4  
F99-7 GE Policy related to LLD 98/99    
S99-6 Grading on Skills Courses Amended by S11-5, Replaces S90-9 and Clarifies F88-6  
S96-9 SJSU GE Program/ Board of General Studies (BOGS), This policy resulted in the adoption of S98-11 Amended by S02-7  
S95-5 Competence in Written Communication; Writing Skills Test (WST); Writing Requirements Committee; Board of General Studies Section F amended by S11-5, amended by S03-2  
S94-7 Competency in Written English for Graduate Students Rescinded by S87-7  
S93-14 Curricular Priorities; Academic Priorities Rescinds S79-2  
F89-3 Requiring Graduate Bibliographic Instruction    
S89-2 Graduate Credit for Undergraduates    
F88-6 Non-Traditional Grading/ Credit/No Credit (Pass/Fail) Clarified by S99-6, replaced S73-12  
F85-1 Time Limit on Graduation Requirements    
S85-4 Criteria for Upper Division Courses    
S83-15 Plus/Minus Grading System    
S81-11 University Requirement Oral Communication    
S78-6 Guidelines for CEU (Continuing Education Unit) Courses    
F77-2 The Continuing Education Unit (CEU)    
F77-1 Requirements for a Second Master's Degree; Graduate Degree    
S77-8 Transferability of Credit by Examination    
S77-6 Policy on CLEP, College Level Examination Program Amends S76-2  
F75-6 Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Requirement for Resident Alien Students    
S75-14 Use of Consultants in the Review of Academic Programs; program planning    
S75-5 "Undeclared" Undergraduate Category Rescinds S71-8  
F74-7 Requirement of Graduate Record Exam (GRE) a Department Option    
S73-24 Computing the GPA for "CR" Grades Given in Graduate Courses    
S73-23 Minimum Percentage of Courses with Letter Grades; Required for Master's Program; Graduate Education    
S73-9 Continuing Education Course Standards    
S73-4 Guidelines for Second Baccalaureates Amended F06-5  
S69-25 Minimum number of Upper Division Units for Baccalaureate Degree    
F68-25 Evaluation and Transfer of Credit; Recognition of Outside Degrees    
F68-24 Guidelines for Experimental Undergraduate Courses 96/196    
F68-9 Maximum number of Junior College Transfer Units Allowed    
F67-11 Graduate Experimental Courses; Individual Study    
S67-31 Standards for Awarding Academic Credit; Faculty appointments at SJSU; Discipline Specific Expertise of Faculty; Catalog Publication of Courses    
S67-2 Guidelines for Individual Study (180) and Special Study (196) Courses    
F66-13 Prohibition of Double-Numbering of Course; Lower Division/Upper Division Differentation    
F66-4 Minimum Frequency of Course Offerings; Enrollment Staffing Standards    
S66-15 Foreign Degrees, Requirement for Study of Equivalency to US Degree and Interim Procedures for SJSU until study is completed    
S66-12 Transfer Credit for Extension and Correspondence Courses