Grades, Drop Policies, Registration, Fees, Schedule

Policy No Subject Supersedes/
F20-2 Grading Changes to Support
Maximum Flexibility for SJSU Students During the Prolonged
COVID-19 Pandemic
F20-1 Adding Classes After Advance Registration Rescinds S93-7 Effective Immediately (December 8, 2020)
S20-9 Instructor Drop Policy   Effective Immediately (June 9, 2020)
S20-7 Temporary Modification to University Policies F18-5, Grading Policy, and S16-16, Probation and Disqualification due to Special Circumstances of COVID-19 Temporarily Amends F18-5 and S16-16 Effective Immediately through Spring 2020


Rescinds University Policies F70-12, F70-13, and S73-21

Registration Privileges and Procedures, Registration Privileges for EOP Students, Registration

Rescinds F70-12, F70-13, and S73-21  
S20-1 English Language Proficiency Requirement for SJSU Applicants

Rescinds F75-6

F18-5 University Grading System Policy

Amendment A to F18-5,

Temporarily amended by S20-7, Rescinds S73-24, S83-15, F88-6, S99-6, S10-2, and S11-5

F18-2 Admission of Disqualified Students to Extension Courses Rescinds S73-10  
S18-11 Rescinds S09-5, Priority Registration Rescinds  S09-5  
F17-2 Conditional Admissions Rescinds S88-7  
S17-7 Graduate Course Revalidation    
S17-5 Required Enrollment for Culminating Graduate Students Rescinds and replaces F11-2  
S17-1 Final Examinations, or Culminating Activities Policy Replaces S06-4  
S16-16 Probation and Disqualification Amended by S19-2 (Amendment A), SM-F19-1 (Amendment B), S20-7 (Amendment C - Temporary), S16-16D (Amendment D - Temporary), Rescinds S10-6, S11-1, and S15-5  
F15-12 Attendance and Participation Rescinds F69-24  
S15-9 Scheduling of Thanksgiving Holiday   Effective AY 2016-2017
S15-3 Leaves of Absence for Students Rescinds S88-1, and S93-1 Effective March 18, 2015
F14-1 Scheduling of Advance Registration and Priority Registration Amends Section 2 of S73-4, Rescinds F11-3, and F09-1  
F13-1 Students' Rights to Timely Feedback on Class Assignments Rescinds F68-18  
F12-7 Enrollment Priorities for Former Students Returning (FSRs)    
S12-4 Appropriate Content for Material Containing SJSU Logo or Name See also PD-2008-01  
S11-5 ABC/NC Grading Amends S10-2S09-7S99-6S95-5, Section F  
S11-2 Extension of Prime Time Scheduling Period Amends F98-4  
F10-3 Grading Symbols for Drops and Withdrawals Amends S09-7  
S10-2 Removal of Mandated ABC/NC Grading for English 1A and 1B Amends S99-6S95-5, sect. F,F88-6  
F09-2 Policy on Late and Retroactive Enrollment   Effective Fall 2010
S09-7 Grading Symbols, Drop and Withdrawal; Retroactive Drop and Retroactive Withdrawal; Assignment of Grades and Grade Appeals; Change of Grade; and Integrity of the Academic Record Rescinds S73-14S73-15S73-16,S73-28, and amends S07-6  
F08-2 Repetition of Courses, Academic Renewal Amendment A to F08-2, Amends S04-2; rescinds F78-3,S94-4S00-10, and F94-5  
S05-12 Changing the Schedule Adjustment Period modifies F04-2  
F04-2 Replacement of the Drop Policy Replaces F01-2, S99-12, S97-7  
S99-6 Grading on Skills Courses Rescinds S90-9, clarifies F88-6  
S98-6 Amendment to Statement on Student Rights and Responsibilities amends S90-5, section 2  
F98-4 Class Scheduling Amended by S11-2, Rescinds S87-1  
S96-3 Student Fee Itemization on Bills supplements S95-4  
S95-4 Student Fees Reporting supplemented by S96-3  
S93-7 Adding Classes after Touchtone Registration on the First Day of Classes    
S93-5 Enrollment Verification Procedures, Drop Period, Census Date superceded F87-5  
S90-5 Student Rights & Responsibilities, Ethics, Student Governance, EEO, Grievances, Disciplinary Action Section 2 amended by S98-6,(superceded F70-11)  
S89-10 Undergraduate Academic Advising Supercedes S75-1, S72-11  
F88-6 Non-traditional Grading Credit/No Credit (Pass/Fail) Supercedes S73-12 and S79-22, (see also S99-6)  
S87-10 Exceptional Admission Reports    
S83-15 Plus/Minus Grading System    
F80-6 Schedule of Classes, variable title courses    
S79-7 Advisor's Signature required on Registration forms    
S76-8 Concurrent Enrollment    
F75-3 Graduate Student Advising Policy    
S75-12 Maximum Unit Load Summer/Winter