Office Hours, Sabbatical, Faculty Records

Policy No Subject Supersedes/
S12-2 Faculty Personnel Records: Confidentiality; Access Amended by Amendment A to S12-2, Amends S73-19  
S12-1 Faculty Office Hours Rescinds S68-6  
F10-4 Revision of the Policy for Selection and Review of Department Chairs Rescinds S90-4 and F07-4  
F08-4 Sabbatical Leaves Policy Rescinds S96-7  
F01-3 Teaching Associates and Fee Waivers    
S96-8 Differences in Pay Leaves Policy    
S96-7 Sabbatical Policy Rescinded S92-8  
S90-4 Selection and Review of Department Chairs rescinded by F10-4, replaced S89-1  
F88-1 Sabbatical Leave Committee, Nominations and Elections replaces S86-6  
S86-5 Guidelines for Temporary and Permanent Reassignment of Regular Faculty from Departments of Original Appointment replaced S79-13 and S80-19  
S73-19 Faculty Personnel Records; Confidentiality Amended by S12-2, replaced S68-20