Sense of Senate Resolutions

Policy No Subject Supersedes/Amends Status


On Continuing Maximum Flexibility for Students during COVID-19    


Opposing the Chancellor’s Implementation Process for AB 1460    


Condemning Anti-Black Racism and Systemic Racism and Calling for SJSU Academic Senate Actions to Promote Racial Equity    


Honoring SJSU History: 150 Years In San Jose to be Celebrated October 20, 2020 as “Heritage Day”    


Honoring Dr. Pamela Stacks



Honoring Dr. Bethany Shifflett



Expressing Support for the Report by the Pofessional Standards Committee:  "Improving Implementation of San José State University's Retention, Tenure, and Promotion Policies" and Endorsing its Recommendations




Condemnation of Ethnocentrism, Xenophobia, and Racism in the Wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic

SS-S20-5 Endorsing Senate Executive Committee Action on University Policy S20-7, Temporary Modification to University Policies F18-5, Grading Policy, and S16-16, Probation and Disqualification due to Special Circumstances of COVID-19    
SS-S20-4 Endorsing Senate Executive Committee Action on University Policy S20-4, Optional Exclusion of Student Opinion of Teaching Effectiveness Surveys (SOTEs) Administered During Spring 2020    
SS-S20-3 On Maximum Flexibility and support of SJSU students during COVID-19-pandemic    
SS-S20-2 Option to Halt GE Assessment and/or Program Assessment for Spring 2020    
SS-S20-1 Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities affected by the COVID-19 Epidemic    
SS-F19-2 Celebrating 20 Years of Service-Learning at San Jose State University    
SS-F19-1 Opposing AB 1460 while Supporting Ethnic Studies at SJSU    
SS-S19-2 Honoring and Thanking Dr. Stefan J.S. Frazier for his Dedication and Service to the Senate and the University    
SS-S19-1 In Support of Increased Funding for the California State University SystemElectronic Core Collection    
SS-F18-6 Supporting the Adoption of the Tenets of Shared Governance by the Academic Senate of the California State University    
SS-F18-5 Creating a Task Force for a Supportive Workplace and Calling Upon our Community to Preserve Civility and Combat Bullying at San Jose State University    
SS-F18-4 Honoring and Thanking Senator Peter Buzanski for his Long Service to the Senate and the University (Again!) And Wishing Him All the Very Best in his Retirement from the Senate    
SS-F18-3 Advocating for Additional Protections for the Privacy of Electronic Information at San Jose State University    
SS-F18-2 Expressing our Appreciation of the Life and Work of Dr. Amy Strage, AVP for Faculty Development    
SS-F18-1 Information to the Campus Community for Serving and Assisting Undocumented Spartans    
SS-S18-2 Expressing our Appreciation and Good Wishes to Provost Andy Feinstein    
SS-S18-1 Honoring Professor Yoshihiro Uchida for His 70 years of Service to San Jose State University    
SS-F17-4 Faculty Trustee Report for Academic Senate    
SS-F17-3 Guidance on Implementation of EO 1064 Student Internships, Service Learning, and Off-Campus Learning Experiences    
SS-F17-2 On the Timelines and Content of Executive Orders 1100 and 1110     
SS-F17-1 In Opposition to the Order to End the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program (DACA)    
SS-S17-2 Honoring and Thanking Dr. Michael L. Kimbarow for his Service to the Senate and the University    
SS-S17-1 Requesting Changes in the System wide Proposed Intellectual Propery Policy    
SS-F16-1 Reaffirming San Jose State University's Commitment to an Inclusive Campus Climate and our Determination to Provide a Safe, Supportive, and Welcoming Community    
SS-S16-8 Calling for Widespread Consultation Prior to Finalizing any Standards and/or Implementation Strategies Pertaining to Electronic Communications    
SS-S16-7 Honoring and Thanking Eva Joice for Fifteen years of Service as Senate Administrator    
SS-S16-6 Supporting Efforts to Reduce Costs for Textbooks by Encouraging the Use of High-Quality Open Educational Resource Course Material    
SS-S16-5 Honoring and Thanking President Susan W. Martin for her Service to San Jose State University    
SS-S16-4 Promoting San Jose State University's Support of the You Can Play Project    
SS-S16-3 Calling for the California State University and the California Faculty Association to Implement the Recommendations of the Neutral Fact-Finder's Report and Avert a Strike    
SS-S16-2 Honoring Dr. Gus Lease for His 65 Years of Service to San Jose State University    
SS-S16-1 Assessment of Core Competencies    
SS-S15-7 Supporting the Resolution Prepared by the Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics (COIA)    
SS-S15-6 Endorsing the Statement on Shared Governance at San Jose State University    
SS-S15-5 Honoring and Thanking Dr. Lynda Heiden for her Service to the Senate and the University    
SS-S15-4 Honoring and Thanking Dr. Judith Lessow-Hurley for her Service to the Senate and the University    
SS-S15-3 In Support of AS-3197-14, The Need for a Comprehensive California State University Policy on Academic Freedom    
SS-S15-2 Expressing Concern Regarding CA Bill 850    
SS-S15-1 Applauding Ten Successful Years for the SJSU Campus Reading Program and Urging its Continued Support by Students, Faculty, and Administration     
SS-F14-1 Endorsing the AAUP Centennial Declaration    
SS-S14-2 Honoring and Thanking Dr. William Nance for his Service to the Senate and the University on his return to the Faculty    
SS-S14-1 Concerning the Need to Continue to Increase the Proportion of Tenured and Tenure Track Faculty at San Jose State University    
SS-F13-8 Endorsing a Proposal to Reform the SJSU Policy on Retention, Tenure, and Promotion by Adopting the "Flexible Achievement" Plan    
SS-F13-7 Distribution and Spending of Funds from the Student Success, Excellence, and Technology Fee (SSETF)    
SS-F13-6 Condemning a Recent Act of Racial Hatred at San Jose State University and urging Follow-Through on Previously Existing Diversity Plans and Campus Climate Studies     
SS-F13-5 Requesting that Chancellor Tim White Undertake a Prompt Review of SJSU Governance    
SS-F13-4 Legislation to Ensure Continuous Faculty Trustee Presence on the California State University Board of Trustees    
SS-F13-3 Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library    
SS-F13-2 Request for Appointment of a Faculty Trustee to the CSU Board of Trustees    
SS-F13-1 Supporting Official Campus Visits for all CSU Presidential Finalists    
SS-S13-3 Honoring and Thanking Beth Von Till for her service to the Senate and the University    
SS-S13-2 Common Writing Handbook for SJSU    
SS-S13-1 Urging Amendments to California SB 520 to Better Achieve its Purpose of Fostering Innovation in Teaching in California Higher Education    

Commending AS on the 2013 Voter Registration Drive

SS-F12-3 Using a Shared Governance Model to Preserve Integrative Learning within a 120 Unit Limit    
SS-F12-2 Urging that California Voters Become Well Informed About the Current State of Funding for Public Education in California and the Potential Impacts of Passage or Failure of Proposition 30    
SS-F12-1 Regarding the Search for a New Chancellor    
SS-S12-5 Honoring and Thanking Dr. Joan Merdinger for her Service to the Senate and the University    
SS-S12-4 Regarding the SJSU Smoking Policy See also S03-6  
SS-S12-3 Endorsing the Development of University Learning Outcomes    
SS-S12-2 Honoring and Thanking Senator Ted Norton for His Service to the Senate and the University on the Senate's 60th Anniversary    
SS-S12-1 WASC Review Steering Committee    
SS-F11-2 In Support of Rights to Peaceable Assembly    
SS-F11-1 Expressing our Appreciation of Dr. Gerry Selter    
SS-S11-9 Honoring and Thanking Rose Lee for her Service to the Senate and the University    
SS-S11-8 Honoring and Thanking Dr. Michael Kaufman for his Service to the Senate and the University    
SS-S11-7 Expressing our Appreciation of Don W. Kassing, Again    
SS-S11-6 Support for Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity    
SS-S11-5 "Resolution to Urge the Board of Trustees to Delay Consideration of Waivers to the Existing Title 5 'American Institutions' Requirement"    
SS-S11-4 Condemnation of the Suspension of the Faculty Senate at Idaho State University    
SS-S11-3 Support for Proposed Voting Guidelines for Implementation of S06-7 See S06-7  
SS-S11-2 Opposition to the Implementation of Mandatory Early Start Programs    
SS-S11-1 Honoring and Thanking Fred Najjar for his service to the University and the Senate    
SS-S10-4 Honoring and Thanking Wiggsy Sivertsen for her service to the University and the Senate    
SS-S10-3 Honoring and Thanking Dr. Veril Phillips for his Service to the University and the Senate    
SS-S10-2 Support for Open Access to Scholarly Work and Research    
SS-S10-1 In Support of an Academic Senate of the California State University (ASCSU) Nominee as CSU Faculty Trustee    
SS-F09-3 In Support of ASCSU Resolution, AS-2912-09/FA, Furlough Implementation and Faculty Rights    
SS-F09-2 Opposition to the Reduction in State Support to the CSU System and a Call for Advocacy    
SS-F09-1 Preservation of Core Academic Activities    
SS-S09-3 Expressing our Appreciation to Dr. Carmen Sigler    
SS-S09-2 Honoring and Thanking Dr. Sigurd Meldal for his Service to the Senate and to the University    
SS-S09-1 In Support of the GE Task Force Report See also SM-S08-3  
SS-S08-6 Honoring and Thanking Dr. Judith Lessow-Hurley for her Service to the Senate and to the University    
SS-S08-5 Expressing our Appreciation of Don W. Kassing    
SS-S08-4 In Support of AS Resolution 0708-02, In Opposition to the Budget Cuts to Higher Education proposed in the State of California Governor's January 2008–2009 Budget    
SS-S08-3 Calling for a Task Force to Investigate Open Access to Publications through an SJSU institutional repository, and make appropriate Recommendations    
SS-S08-2 2008–2009 Shared Value "Integrity"    
SS-S08-1 Commending President Don W. Kassing for Supporting SJSU's Commitment to Non-Discrimination by Suspending Campus Blood Drives    
SS-F07-5 Affirming San Jose State University's Commitment to Complete Academic Freedom in the use of Library Resources    
SS-F07-4 Thanking the Staff of the Dr. Martin Luther King Library for its hard work during recovery from the Alum Rock Earthquake    
SS-F07-3 SJSU Response to the Proposed Differential Fee Increase for Graduate Business Degrees in the CSU    
SS-F07-2 Supporting International Week Oct. 28—Nov. 2, 2007    
SS-F07-1 Commending the IRB Task Force    
SS-S07-7 Creation of Annual Celebration of SJSU's Legacy of Poetry—information on SJSU's Legacy of Poetry    
SS-S07-6 SJSU Shared Value for 2007–2008: Community    
SS-S07-5 Commending the Leadership of the WASC Re-Accreditation Review for Service to the University    
SS-S07-4 Library Resources to Support the Independent Ed.D.    
SS-S07-3 Opposing Proposed Name Change    
SS-S07-2 The Importance of Settling the Contract Between the CSU and CFA    
SS-S07-1 Access to Electronic and Information Technology for Persons with Disabilities    
SS-F06-3 Honoring and Thanking Dr. Khaled Hosseini    
SS-F06-2 In Support of Revised Program Planning Guidelines    
SS-F06-1 In Support of Associated Students, San Jose State University's 2006 Campus-wide Voter Registration Drive    
SS-S06-9 Amendment to SS-S01-4, Regarding Recommended Safeguards Around Issues of Assessment SS-S01-4   
SS-S06-8 Honoring and Thanking Dr. Sally Veregge for her Service to the Senate and to the University    
SS-S06-7 Honoring Senator David McNeil    
SS-S06-6 Guidelines    
SS-S06-5 Improving Textbook Affordability and Availability    
SS-S06-4 Professional Development Plan    
SS-S06-3 Student Organization Advising    
SS-S06-2 Adding Promotion Review to RTP Committee Responsibilities and Rename as the University Retention, Tenure, and Promotion Committee—RTP    
SS-S06-1 Performance Review Cycle—RTP    
SS-F05-4 SJSU Shared Value for 2006–2007     
SS-F05-3 To Maintain the Purpose and Approach of EO 595     
SS-F05-2 Honoring J. William Fulbright on the Occasion of the Celebration of his Centennial Year     
SS-F05-1 Honoring Robert D. Clark, Eighteenth President of San Jose State University    
SS-S05-12 Faculty Compensation and the Crisis in Recruiting and Retaining Faculty of High Quality    
SS-S05-11 Joining the Coalition of Intercollegiate Athletics (COIA)    
SS-S05-10 Honoring and Thanking Dr. Annette Nellen for her service to the Senate, the University    
SS-S05-9 Commending Dean Breivik for her Senate Service    
SS-S05-8 Endorsing the Annual Report of the ULB—2005 Library Report (pdf)    
SS-S05-7 SJSU Shared Values    
SS-S05-6 Adoption of Preliminary Plan to Convert the Current SOTE Paper-based Process to an Online (Web-based) Collection System    
SS-S05-5 Promoting Liberal Education—AAC&U Statement on Liberal LearningInformation on AAC&U's LEAP Campaign    
SS-S05-4 Planning for San Jose State University's Sesquicentennial Celebration    
SS-S05-3 Recognition of Retiring Faculty    
SS-S05-2 Endorsing the Goals and Vision Drafted by the Goals Advisory Council    
SS-S05-1 Call for Increased Attention to Campus Climate Policy Violations and Broader Understanding and Support of the Policy    
SS-F04-6 Requesting Interim President Kassing to Create a Task Force to Develop a Plan to Reduce the DIA's Dependence on the General Fund    
SS-F04-5 To Co-Sponsor a Forum on Shared Values as an Initial Step in Strategic Planning    
SS-F04-4 Supporting an Annual Forum on Academic Freedom    
SS-F04-3 Expressing our Appreciation of Peter C. Lee and Sorrow for His Death    
SS-F04-2 Endorsing Activities to Build a Culture of Reading to SJSU    
SS-F04-1 Supporting Associated Students, San Jose State University's 2004 Campus Wide Voter Registration Drive    
SS-S04-10 Opposing the Budget Agreement between the Chancellor and the Governor    
SS-S04-9 Infusion of Information Literacy into the SJSU Curriculum    
SS-S04-8 Supporting Academic Integrity Week to be Held each Fall    
SS-S04-7 Expressing our Appreciation of Joe Crowley    
SS-S04-6 Request to President Yu to Create a Task Force to consider the Appropriate Athletics Program for SJSU    
SS-S04-5 Sense of the Senate Resolution Accepting the Department Chair Task Force Report—Report of the Academic Senate Task Force on Dept. Chairs (pdf)    
SS-S04-4 Report Regarding Athletic General Fund Budget    
SS-S04-3 Endorsing Budget Priorities for 2004/2005    
SS-S04-2 Endorsement of Proposition 56    
SS-S04-1 Endorsement of Proposition 55    
SS-F03-3 Protection of Campus Trees    
SS-F03-2 To Co-Sponsor Four Accreditation Forums this Academic Year    
SS-F03-1 To Co-Sponsor a Dossier Preparation Workshop every September    
SS-S03-7 Acknowledgement of the New Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library    
SS-S03-6 Regarding the Report on Evaluation of the General Education Assessment Process    
SS-S03-5 Regarding the Report of the Task Force on the Recruitment and Retention of a Diverse Faculty    
SS-S03-4 WASC Review Steering Committee    
SS-S03-3 SJSU Library Budget Study Report and Recommendations—(Budget Report) (pdf)    
SS-S03-2 Urging the CSU to give Campuses Maximum Flexibility in Dealing with the Budget Crisis    
SS-S03-1 Endorsing the CSU Academic Senate Resolution on Student-Faculty Ratio(SFR)    
SS-F02-4 Regarding the CSU's 2003/2004 Support Budget    
SS-F02-3 Authorizing Senate Sponsorship of a Forum on the Budget and Academic Affairs    
SS-F02-2 Endorsing Budget Priorities for AY 2003–2004    
SS-F02-1 Honoring and Celebrating the Life of Senator Roy E. Young    
SS-S02-7 Endorsing the Attached Report:  Faculty/Student Preferences under Year-Round Operations    
SS-S02-6 Endorsing the Attached Report:  Alleviating Faculty Workload at SJSU    
SS-S02-5 Endorsing Membership in the Worker's Rights Consortium    
SS-S02-4 Endorsing the Knight Commission Report and Calling for Actions Related to SJSU Athletics    
SS-S02-3 Recognition of Lecturers by Colleges    
SS-S02-2 Authorizing Senate Sponsorship of Two Forums featuring Provost Goodman    
SS-S02-1 Endorsing Budget Priorities for AY 2002/2003 "The Priorities Resolution" as per F96-4, 2.2    
SS-F01-2 On Behalf of More Proportional Representation on the CSU Academic Senate    
SS-F01-1 Condemning the September 11 Terrorist Attacks, Expressing Sympathy for the Injured and Killed, and Reaffirming our Commitment to Tolerance and Diversity    
SS-S01-7 Endorsing Budget Priorities for AY 2001/2002    
SS-S01-6 Resolution Endorsing MUSE (Metropolitan University Scholars Experience)    
SS-S01-5 Endorsing an Ed.D in the CSU System    
SS-S01-4 Regarding Recommended Safeguards around issues of Assessment    
SS-S01-3 Critical Issues for the Future of San Jose    
SS-S01-2 Departmental Relations with Retired Faculty    
SS-S01-1 Supporting the University's Hosting of the 15th Annual CSU Student Research Competition    
SS-F00-6 Year Round Operations at San Jose State University    
SS-F00-5 Opposition to Proposition 38: School Vouchers    
SS-F00-4 Honoring Men's Baseball Team    
SS-F00-3 Declaring an Annual University Heritage Day    
SS-F00-2 Adopting principles for guiding the consideration of a partnering arrangements for facilities development at SJSU    
SS-F00-1 To co-sponsor a workshop with CFA and the Office of Faculty Affairs on Dossier Preparation    
SS-S00-6 To have the Affirmative Action Committee Sponsor and Co-Sponsor Forums and Workshops on Topics Related toFaculty Hiring and Retention.    
SS-S00-5 Proposed Title 5 Revisions    
SS-S00-4 Extended hour study space    
SS-S00-3 Support for Propostion 26    
SS-S00-2 To Co-Sponsor a symposium with Joint Venture: Silicon Valley Network and The Planning & Conservation League on the Environmental Goals of VISION 2010    
SS-S00-1 Not Flying State Flags Incorporating the Confederate Flag and Honoring the NAACP Boycott of South Carolina    
SS-F99-9 Response to the Governor's Call for a Community Service Requirement    
SS-F99-8 Endorsing Budget Priorities for AY 2000/2001 "The Priorities Resolution" as per F96-4, 2.2    
SS-F99-7 Cosponsoring the Faculty Service Recognition and Awards Luncheon    
SS-F99-6 Out of Crisis: Reforming Governance of the California State University    
SS-F99-5 CSU Draft Accountability Response    
SS-F99-4 Evaluation of Faculty Merit Increase (FMI)    
SS-F99-3 Egalitarian Principles in Awarding FMIs    
SS-F99-2 Expressing Our Sorrow for the Death of Academic Senator Ann Doordan and Appreciation for her Life    
SS-F99-1 To Co-Sponsor a Forum with CFA and the Office of Faculty Affairs on the CSU-CFA Agreement    
SS-S99-7 Endorsing Joint Venture Silicon Valley Network Vision 2010    
SS-S99-6 Commendation of Senator Kenneth Peter    
SS-S99-5 "Out of Crisis--Reinventing the CSU" Recommendations to the Governor and Legislature of California    
SS-S99-4 Response to the Imposition of Terms and Conditions of Employment by Chancellor Reed and the CSU Board of Trustees    
SS-S99-3 Status of the Faculty Contract After the Rejection of the Proposed Tentative Agreement    
SS-S99-2 Requesting Formal Recognition of a Transit, Traffic, and Parking Advisory Committee    
SS-S99-1 Endorsing Budget Priorities for AY 99-00: "The Priorities Resolution" as per F96-4, 2.2    
SS-F98-2 Response to the CSU Cornerstones Draft Implementation Plan    
SS-F98-1 The Collective Bargaining Impasse    
SS-S97-6 Response to Academic Priorities Steering Committee Report    
SS-S97-5 Response to Redesign Task Force Report    
SS-S97-4 Request to Debate Congressman Solomon on the "Solomon Amendment"    
SS-S97-3 Condemning the "Solomon Amendment" and Affirming Civil Rights and Academic Freedom    
SS-S97-2 Endorsing Budget Priorities for AY 97-98    
SS-S97-1 Supporting President Caret's Prudent Handling of ROTC Events    
SS-F96-4 Educational Equity and CCRI    
SS-F96-1 Investigation into Library Discard Incident    
SS-S96-4 Billing Information for students    
SS-S96-3 Priorities for Implementing "Diversity Resolution"    
SS-F95-3 PSSIs should be awarded in one step increments    
SS-S95-6 Undergraduate Student Advising    
SS-S95-5 Measures to Foster Appreciation of Diversity—Report recommending diversity (pdf)    
SS-S95-1 Opposition to Graduate Fee Differential    
SS-S94-3 Intercollegiate Athletics    
SS-S94-2 Domestic Partners    
SS-S93-12 Report from Senate Special Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics (ICA)    
SS-S84-2 Report on SS-S83-9, Intercollegiate Athletics    
SS-S83-9 Use of Instructional Funds and Position for Intercollegiate Athletics    
SS-S82-7 Use of Instructional Funds for Intercollegiate Athletics