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Faculty Research Highlights for Science Educators

Professor Madura with 3D Printing

Dr. Thomas Madura  

SJSU Physics & Astronomy

3D Printing for the Visually Impaired

Thomas Madura, in collaboration with Gavilan STEM intern Oscar Lopez, designed and developed 3-D printed astronomy models for the visually impaired. Read more here. Photo credit: Jan Janes, Gavilan College.

SJSU College of Science Virtual Seminar

"3D Printing Exploding Stars: Astronomy for Students with Visual Impairments and Development of the STEM Career Exploration Lab"

Green Ninja Program

Dr. Eugene Cordero

SJSU Meteorology & Climate Science

Inspiring Student Environmental Stewardship

The Green Ninja Program focuses on helping students create agency about their learning and the world they live in.  Their educational materials originated from research at San José State University that focused on connecting middle school students to science subjects through personal engagement. Support from NSF and NASA helped us better understand student engagement and the powerful role that motivation plays in student learning.

Elly teaching

Dr. Elizabeth Walsh

SJSU Meteorology & Climate Science & Science Education Program

Ever think about what it would be like to become a science teacher?

To earn a science teaching credential, you will need to enroll in our graduate level credential program. There are quite a few steps to apply, learn what you need to do now so that the transition is easy. Contact us to find out more information at!

Master's in Science Education

Fire Weather Station

Dr. Craig Clements

SJSU Meteorology & Climate Science

SJSU Fire Weather Research Lab

The CSU-MAPS is the only mobile atmospheric profiling system capable of monitoring wildfires and fire weather in remote and mountainous terrain.

Fire Weather Research Laboratory

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