What is MyProgress?

In MyProgress, you can use the Academic Requirements function in one.SJSU to check your progress in meeting your requirements for your degree. You can run this check anytime. Bring it to an advisor as part of your conversation with them about your path to graduation.


How do I use MyProgress?

1. Log into one.SJSU


2. Once logged in, go to “Student Center” and the pull down menu under “Academics”


3. From the pull down menu, click “Other Academic”. Highlight “MyProgress”. Click “Go”. 




4. Icons will show you what requirements are completed, in progress, and need to be scheduled.  



5. University Units section helps keep track of units. Be sure to click expand all to give you an expanded view.



6. Core GE section shows you General Education progress.

7. “Needed” sections will contain lists of classes.


8. If you have questions or see discrepancies, contact your academic advisor.