Study Tips - Spring 2019

Tip 1: Drop Date Information February 5, 2018

Tuesday, February 5th at 11:59 pm, is the last day to drop any classes online through MySJSU.

You should review all your syllabi. Evaluate assignments, due dates, and course workload with everything else you have going on. Make sure this is the right schedule for you.

After the drop deadline, you will need to submit a petition to drop or withdraw. The drop petition is used for individual classes.  If you are dropping more than one course, fill out a petition for each class. The withdrawal petition is used to drop all classes. Petitions will be available next week at Drop/Withdrawal Petitions. The HealthCare Provider form is also found on this page.

The only exception to submitting a petition is if you are changing from one section of a class to another section of the same class through Tuesday 2/12, the last day to add. In this case, you should take your permission/add code to Window R in the lobby of the Student Services Center, and the Registrar’s Office will make the section change.

For the drop and withdrawal petitions, read the instruction page carefully and note the following:

  • You should submit a drop or withdrawal petition if you have had a significant change in life circumstances that occurred after the drop date (or, because of the scope of the incident, clearly prevented you from dropping classes by the deadline). These must be verifiable in some way. Really, you need to show what changed in your life- something unanticipated that is contributing to not being able to handle that load of classes or specific times of classes.  If you are only dropping some classes, you need to address why you must drop those specific classes.

  • Drops will not be approved because of lack of prerequisites, poor academic performance, non-attendance, change of major, or because a class is not required.

  • Final approval is granted by Academic Advising and Retention Services (AARS). Instructors, Major Advisors, and Associate Deans either acknowledge or recommend. They do not approve.

  • There are no refunds for drops (except for Open University classes). Refunds for withdrawals are pro-rated and may affect financial aid.

  • All approved classes that are dropped will show a W grade, which does not calculate in the GPA.

  • You are expected to continue to attend class until notified by a MySJSU message that the drop has been approved.

  • All petitions require both a personal statement and supporting documentation.