Admissions Requirements

In addition to the college-wide minimum honors admission requirements (GPA, coursework), each department has its own requirements. Prior to enrollment in the joint SoM/SGIL honors program, applicants are expected to:

  1. have completed Bus 160 or Bus 161A; Bus 161B is recommended but not required;
  2. have passed 100W with a C or better;
  3. have completed at least nine units of upper division courses in the College of Business; and
  4. provide a reference from at least one SoM or SGIL faculty member, sent directly to the following email address:

Application Essay Topic

The application form will ask you to submit an essay of not more than 500 words on a topic requested by each department. The SoM / SGIL schools' essay topic is: “Discuss the best and worst grades you have earned in business courses you have taken at SJSU and explain why”.

Completion of prerequisites

The admission of students who would not meet admission requirements until the end of the semester may be deferred until final semester grades become available. While students are expected to follow the recommended sequence of upper division courses in their concentration, exceptional students may be admitted contingent on concurrent enrollment in a prerequisite course.