Application Process

Applying in Fall or Spring

Except in unusual circumstances, you are expected to complete Bus 169A prior to enrolling in Bus 169B. Since Bus 169A is only offered in the fall (and Bus 1659B only offered in the spring), SoM and SGIL students will normally only admitted to the program in the fall semester.

For SoM and SGIL students, applications to start the sequence in the spring semester are normally accepted only for students graduating in the next two semesters, and the admissions criteria are usually more strict than for students entering the program in the proper sequence.

Most students are only eligible to apply to the program in April of their junior year. In past years, otherwise qualified students have been turned down because they missed this key deadline.

If you are not sure whether (or when) you are eligible to apply for the Sbona Honors Program, feel free to contact one of the honors faculty.

An information night for prospective students is held each semester.  To find the date and time for the current semester please visit: