Research in the Simocko Group
Research in the Simocko Group

The Simocko lab focuses on research that bridges the gap between organic chemistry and polymer science. Our broad goal is to study the structure-property relationship in polymer systems. To put it another way, we look at a desired property (mechanic strength, melting temperature, ion conduction, etc.) and figure out how polymer structure affect that property. To do this we control the primary structure of the polymer, whether that is growing a polymer from a surface to create polymer brushes, or by making precise polymers and block polymers for tailored self-assembly via alternating diene metathesis polymerization. No matter the method, the overall goal is to understand this relationship.

Research Areas

In the Simocko Group we have various research interests in the fields of organic polymer chemistry

Precision Polymers

Synthesis, characterization, and application of precision polymers via acyclic diene metathesis (ADMET) polymerizations; specifically enhanced mechanical and thermal properties and well-defined morphologies.

Precision Block Polymer Self-Assembly

Synthesis and applications of precise block copolymers via alternating diene metathesis polymerizations. Of particular interest is their use in self-assembled structures such as micelles, vesicles, and tubules as well as unique morphology and physical properties.

Mixed Polymer Brushes

Synthesis and characterization of mixed polymer brushes grown from silicon wafers. We focus on brushes with a high chi value between the components as well as study the effect of different parameters of the brush (brush thickness, density, molecular weight, polymer identity, etc.).

Optimizing ADMET

Analyzing and optimizing solvents, additives, and catalysts for faster reaction times, higher moleular weights, functional group tolerance, and reduced side reactions.

Lab Info

Rooms: Duncan Hall 14 (shared with the Radlauer Group) and 1A

Contact: Dr. Chet Simocko (

If you are interested in doing research in the field of Organic Polymer Chemistry, please contact Prof. Simocko at the email above.