Admitted Spartan Day

Congratulations on being admitted to SJSU and welcome to the Department of Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences (SISS)!


As part of Admitted Spartan Day (ASD) our department hosted a webinar about the department that highlights some of the reasons you should attend SJSU to study sociology. A recording of the webinar is being hosted on this page, as are several other welcome messages from our faculty.  


We look forward to seeing you all in person soon!


Carlos E. Garcia

Professor and Chair


To view the ASD meeting recording simply click on the play button below:


Faculty Welcome Videos 


Professor Jack Caraves


Professor Yvonne Kwan


Professor Yvonne Kwan- Sample Lecture- AAS 33B 


Runxian Xiao video- Class Video Assignment by Johnny Sim


Professor Scott Myers-Lipton


Professor Joanne Rondilla 



Students from the SISS Department:


talks about being a soci major

Sociology is a great major to consider because it is broad and applicable to many different social service career opportunities. You will not only learn the ways in which society functions but gain context on the background and present struggles people have faced along the way. This information can be applicable to understanding and working with many individuals with different backgrounds.
Vanessa (May 2020)



talks about being a soci major

I highly recommend Sociology because it has opened my mind and has taught me about the systematic social structures within urban and rural societies. And how these social structures relate to each other on a global scale. I have also learned a lot about inequality and how race, gender, class, and social justice affect us all, it has been interesting and fun too.

Lindsey (BA May 2020)



If you find yourself being constantly curious, sociology is the topic for you. Sociology is a broad topic that teaches you an interesting outlook on society. It also provides a wide range of employment opportunities that can be fulfilling and help bring you abundance. Lectures are typically captivating, and the SJSU sociology department faculty are very helpful and supportive.

Nicky A., BA May 2020.