Summer 2020

Asian American Studies

Subject Title Instructor
AAS 33A-1 Asian Americans in
US History I
AAS 33B-1 Asian Americans in
US History II


Subject Title Instructor
SOCI 1-80 Intro to Sociology DeHaan, T
SOCI 80-80 Social Problems DeHaan, J
SOCI 100W-80 Writing Workshop Bryant-Anderson
SOCI 101-80 Social Theory Rokni
SOCI 105-1 Qualitative Research Boero
SOCI 154-80 Sociology and Non-Conforming Behavior Morewitz
SOCI 162-1 Race and Ethnic Relations Armaline
SOCI 151-80 Violence in Family DeBourbon
SOCI 178-80 Sociology of Childhood Sweet

Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies

Subject Title Instructor
WOMS 102-1 Global Study of Women Castillo
WOMS 102-80 Global Study of Women Bakhru