Submitting a Form for Signature


  • Please allow one to two business days of processing time and check back with the office for the status of the paperwork.
  • Students must print all forms themselves.  The department does not give out or print forms.
  • Please read the instructions on the forms carefully.
  • Only Minor and Substitution forms will be sent over to the Registrar by the department when you submit the form. For all other forms, please follow the instructions given on the form.



Interdisciplinary Social Sciences

See your program advisor for assistance with the following forms.

Office of the Registrar

Academic Advising and Retention Services

  • Petition for Course Drop
  • Petition for Withdrawal (from all courses)


Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations

  • Change of Graduate Major
  • Application for Award of Master's Degree
  • Graduation Date Change Request for Award of Master's Degree
  • Graduate Petition for Reinstatement
  • Retroactive Graduate Petitions

S.I.S.S. Graduate Forms