Courses in the Department of Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences

Below is a general list of course offerings in the SISS Department. To view the course description, grading options, units, and General Education areas satisfied, please go to the current catalog

Courses are organized into following areas:

Asian American Studies

Asian American Studies Courses
AAS 020: Women of Color in the US
AAS 025: The Changing Majority: Power and Ethnicity in America
AAS 033A: Asian Americans in U.S. History I
AAS 033B: Asian Americans in U.S. History II
AAS 125: Filipino Experience in the United States
AAS 133: Introduction to Social Issues in Planning
AAS 145: Urban Policy and Its Impact on Inner City Residents
AAS 159: Asian Americans in Media Representation & Popular Culture
AAS 170: Special Topics in Asian American Studies
AAS 175: Asian American Communities
AAS 180: Individual Studies
AAS 185: Multicultural Perspectives within American Society
AAS 186: The Vietnamese Experience in America
AAS 190: Internship
AAS 192: History of Japanese Americans


Sociology Courses
SOCI 001: Introduction to Sociology
SOCI 015: Statistical Applications in the Social Sciences
SOCI 057: Community Involvement and Personal Growth
SOCI 080: Social Problems
SOCI 92: International Program Studies
SOCI 100W: Writing Workshop
SOCI 101: Social Theory
SOCI 102: Introduction to Statistics
SOCI 103: SPSS Computer Analysis
SOCI 104: Quantitative Research Methods
SOCI 104B: Advanced Quantitative Research Methods
SOCI 105: Qualitative Research Methods
SOCI 105B: Advanced Qualitative Research Methods
SOCI 116: Global Society
SOCI 118: Sociology of Human Rights and Social Justice
SOCI 120: Contemporary Social Issues
SOCI 122: Women in the Second Half of Life
SOCI 127: Community-Based Participatory Research
SOCI 140: Sociology of Media
SOCI 141: Environmental Sociology
SOCI 142: Critical Native American Studies
SOCI 144: Education for Liberation
SOCI 145: Community Mental Health
SOCI 146: Work, Power, and Leisure
SOCI 147: Education and Global Justice
SOCI 148: Current Topic and Trends in Education
SOCI 151: Violence in the Family
SOCI 154: Sociology and Non-Conforming Behavior
SOCI 160: Immigration and Identity
SOCI 161: City Life
SOCI 162: Race and Ethnic Relations
SOCI 163: Social Change
SOCI 164: Social Action
SOCI 165: Poverty, Wealth and Privilege
SOCI 166: Medical Sociology
SOCI 169: Political Sociology
SOCI 170: Sociology of Family
SOCI 171: Person and Society
SOCI 172: Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender Studies
SOCI 173: Socialization and Identity
SOCI 174: Sexualities
SOCI 175: Sociology of Masculinities and Femininities
SOCI 176: Sociology of Everyday Life
SOCI 177: Sociology of Education
SOCI 178: Sociology of Childhood
SOCI 179: Sociology of Higher Education
SOCI 180: Individual Studies
SOCI 181: Service Internship
SOCI 181B: Sociology Career Capstone
SOCI 193: Behavioral Science in Practice
SOCI 199H: Senior Honors Thesis
SOCI 200: Sociological Practice
SOCI 201: Graduate Sociological Theory
SOCI 204: Quantitative Data Analysis
SOCI 205: Seminar in Qualitative Research Methods
SOCI 216: Seminar in Global Topics
SOCI 223: Seminar in Sociological Issues
SOCI 254: Seminar in Deviance and Social Control
SOCI 262: Seminar in Race and Ethnic Relations
SOCI 263: Seminar in Social Change
SOCI 270: Seminar in Sociology of Family
SOCI 275: Seminar in Gender Issues
SOCI 281: Internship in Sociology
SOCI 298: Special Study
SOCI 299: Master's Thesis or Project
SOCI 1290R: Culminating Experience Supervision

Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies

Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies Courses
WGSS 005Q: Gender, Race & Sexuality in Media
WGSS 010: Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
WGSS 020: Women of Color in the US
WGSS 092: Int'l Program Studies
WGSS 101: The Study of Women
WGSS 102: The Global Study of Women
WGSS 107: Psychology of Women
WGSS 112: Women in the Global Economy
WGSS 114: Politics of Mothering and Reproduction
WGSS 120: Special Topics in Women's Studies
WGSS 121: Philosophy and Feminism
WGSS 122: Women in the Second Half of Life
WGSS 131: Gender, Sexuality, and Religion
WGSS 156: Black Women Writers:Race, Culture & Life Cycle in Cross-Cultural Perspective
WGSS 160: Gender, Race, and Class
WGSS 169: Sexualities and the Body
WGSS 175: Sociology of Masculinities and Femininities
WGSS 180: Individual Studies
WGSS 182: Women in Literature
WGSS 187: Feminist Perspectives on Gender and Education in the U.S.
WGSS 189: Islamic Perspectives on Gender
WGSS 190: Internship
WGSS 192: Int' Program Studies