Minor in Asian American Studies

The purpose of the Asian American Studies Program is to shed light on the forces and processes that have shaped American society. The program focuses on the perspectives of Asian Americans and their contributions in the development of the United States. It seeks to account for the similarities and differences in their participation in, and responses to, the social and cultural processes that have given form to the United States in a global context. To facilitate the study of these complex social phenomena, courses in the program are interdisciplinary, with emphases upon the social sciences.

A major concern of the program is the quality of education that is made available to the university community. In recognition of the fact that American society is multiculturally diverse and that social inquiry in the field of ethnic experience has been neglected, the program engages in the dissemination of knowledge, the expansion of knowledge through scholarly research, and the exchange of ideas between the community at large and the campus. This communication with the community has been spawned by the program’s unique interdisciplinary formula for teaching and research. As part of the program’s research and teaching activities, students and faculty have undertaken several projects in adjacent communities in which they join with nonacademic personnel working within their own institutions.

A minor in Asian American studies is selected by students planning careers requiring knowledge and awareness of the complex nature of American culture and society. Students have found the program to be useful preparation for careers in community service at many levels—local, state and national. The program offers knowledge and training to be effective in professional work in the Asian American community, in such careers as teaching, social work, urban planning, law, health, administration, business, communication, and human development.

Students considering a minor in Asian American studies should consult with the program coordinator.

For requirements for the minor and course descriptions please see the current course catalog.

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Program Coordinator

Dr. Yvonne Kwan
Asian American Studies Program Coordinator
DMH 213
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