Minor in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies

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The Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program at San Jose State is committed to intersectional and interdisciplinary scholarship and teaching based on feminist frameworks. WGSS curriculum investigates how gender and gender identity, race, class, sexuality, and nation shape lives. The program emphasizes the importance of an intersectional understanding of gender as integral to social and political structures of power.  Students will obtain skills to cultivate critical thinking, cultivation of dialogue, coalition building, appreciation of diversity, and contribution to social change based on feminist frameworks. The goal of the WGSS program includes integrating the academic and experiential, thereby contributing to social change and justice. The WGSS minor consists of 15 units. In addition to the courses offered by the WGSS Program, a variety of courses on women and gender are offered by other departments. Interested students should consult with a WGSS Program faculty member for advising and approval of the program. 

For requirements of the minor, please see the current course catalog.

WGSS Program Learning Objectives

The learning objectives of the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program includes the cultivation of critical thinking skills, cultivation of dialogue, coalition building, appreciation of diversity, and contribution to social change based on feminist frameworks.

Upon graduation, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies students are expected to be able to:

  1. Identify and analyze the intersections of gender, sexuality, race, class, and nation social and institutional contexts.
  2. Identify and describe major theories and political movements central to Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, placing contemporary developments in cultural, historical, environmental, and embodied contexts.
  3. Describe the global span of feminist movements and the connection among gender and sexual minorities around the world.
  4. Demonstrate critical thinking and research skills through written, oral and creative means.

Carol Mukhopadhyay Feminist Lecture Series

The Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program Carol Mukhopadhyay Feminist Lecture Series aims to highlight feminist cross-cultural or transnational work with a feminist anthropological lens.

The following is a list of our speakers.

When Speaker Description
Spring 2019 Dr. Elizabeth Sweet "She’s a Dream Come True…’: Gender and Representations of Femininity in 20th Century Doll Advertisements"
Spring 2019 Dr. Theodorea Berry "Black America Women's Experiences in China and Germany: Examining Intersectionality and Multidimensionality in Alternate Home Spaces"
Fall 2019 Antonia Grace Glenn "The Ito Sisters" Documentary Screening
Spring 2018 Karen Branan “Women and Lynching: Lessons for Today”
Spring 2018 Dr. Gohar Shahnazaryan “Women’s Rights in Contemporary Armenian Society: Between Modernization and Traditions”
Fall 2017 Judy Juanita “Female Foot Soldiers and DeFacto Feminists: The Unseen Skeletons of Social Movements”
Spring 2017 Dr. Yvonne Y. Kwan “Queering Transgenerational Trauma: Depathologizing Pain and Navigating Narratives of Suffering”
Spring 2017 Dr. Huma Ahmed-Ghosh “Globalization and Muslim Women’s Lives in Asia: Contesting Islamic Feminisms”
Fall 2016 Dr. Mythri Jegathesan “Stately Discomforts: Labor, Reproductive Rights, and Sexuality Among Women Workers in Postwar Sri Lanka”
Spring 2016 Dr. Amy Moff Hudec “Unsettled and Lost: The Consequences of Being Single in the Mormon - Church”
Fall 2015 Dr. Pat Wasielewski “Emotional Geography of Living Abroad”
Spring 2015 Dr. Samantha Gottlieb “Marketing the HPV Vaccine and Women’s Health”
Spring 2015 Natalie Valdez “Food, Fat, Fetus, and the Future: An Ethnographic Examination of Two Clinical Trials”
Spring 2014 Dr. Kathleen Coll “What the Domestic Workers’ Rights Movement is Teaching Us About Citizenship”

Program Coordinator

Dr. Tanya BakhruDr. Tanya Bakhru
Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program Coordinator
DMH 213
Office Hours: Wednesday 11:30 AM-1:30 PM