Honors Program

The Department of Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences offers an Honors Program

Students who are majoring in Sociology and have maintained a 3.2 GPA in all college work and a 3.5 GPA in Sociology are eligible to enroll in SOCI 199H (Sociology Honors Project), a class designed for the preparation and writing of an original research project. Students who maintain the required GPA and complete at least 3 units of 199H will graduate with Honors in Sociology.


Steps and Timeline for Earning Sociology Honors


  1. Two semesters or more before graduation: 
    1. Meet with the Honors Advisor to determine eligibility. 
  2. Two semester before graduation: 
    1. Devise a project that will fulfill SOCI 199H. This can be done with Honors Advisor but it is advisable to have some topic/project ideas
    2. Find a faculty member to advise/supervise SOCI 199H. The Honors Advisor can assist with this step.
    3. Develop a timeline with benchmarks for completing the project. This should be completed with the project advisor.
  3. One semester before graduation:
    1. Enroll In SOCI 199H
    2. Work with faculty advisor and department administrative staff to request permission to enroll
  4. One semester before graduation:
    1. Complete SOCI 199H
  5. Maintain GPA minima


Contact Honors Coordinator: Carlos E. Garcia