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Steps Toward Successful Admission to SJSU:

  1. Meet the admission requirements.   Review the links below to ensure you will have met the admission requirements.  In addition, review your major's impaction results from previous terms for further guidance.  Please note that GPA and Eligibility Index thresholds are subject to change each application cycle.
  2. Apply at  Review the application deadlines. SJSU is impacted for undergraduate applicants and will close at the end of the application period.  Late applications will not be accepted.
  3. Follow through.  You are responsible for providing complete, accurate, and timely information on your application and are accountable for meeting all requests for information and necessary deadlines.

Admission Requirements and Criteria:

Frosh - First-time freshman that has not taken any college courses after high school graduation (with the exception of courses taken the immediate summer after high school graduation).

Transfer - Student that has taken courses at another institution. 

Former Student Returning - Previous SJSU student that has not attended SJSU for at least two consecutive semesters.  Student will apply as an upper-division transfer.  If student was disqualified from SJSU he/she will also need to submit a Reinstatement Petition for Undergraduate Studies from the Office of the Registrar.

Post-baccalaureate/Second Bachelor's - SJSU is not accepting post-baccalaureate applicants in any major program (except for Nursing). A post-baccalaureate  student has earned a bachelor's degree and is seeking to complete another bachelor's degree. 

Graduate - student that has has earned a bachelor's degree and is seeking an SJSU master's program, professional degree or credential.

International - student studying on an F1 or J1 Visa.