College Lab Policies

To help us maintain the good working order of our College Computer Labs, DMH 236 and DMH 339, please review the following rules and requirements for their use. If you have any questions, please contact Alan Leventhal (contact information at left). Thanks for your cooperation.

  • Plan ahead. Communicate your needs to Alan well before classes begin, and work with Alan to familiarize yourself with the lab equipment and to ensure that the software you need is installed and properly functioning on all workstations. At that time Alan will instruct you in the use all devices, including projector and printers. Don't assume that the College will provide the software you want, and remember that only legal software will be installed. Do not load any software without consulting Alan.
  • Notify Alan of any problem with the lab or equipment immediately after or during the class session when it is noticed.
  • Equipment should not be moved. If for some reason you must move an item, please return it to its proper location at the end of class.
  • Turn off computer workstations, monitors, and projectors at the end of class, except for the computer serving the printer, which is to be turned off at the end of the last class each day. The internet HP printers may be left on.
  • Call Alan immediately to add printer paper, replace a cartridge, etc. Students are not allowed to service printers in any respect or to change their configuration.
  • Students may not load software or save personal files on hard drives without the instructor's permission. With permission, a student may create an easily identifiable folder to be deleted at the end of the semester. Students must not delete or alter any files other than their own. Students are not to change any configuration files or set-up parameters. If you find alterations, let Alan know immediately.
  • Use only erasable pens on the whiteboards. Bring them from your department because you cannot assume they will be available in the labs.
  • Keep the labs clean. No food or drinks are allowed!!! Students are responsible for throwing away used paper, newspapers, and other accumulated trash.
  • If you use the stacked chairs, please re-stack them at the end of your session.