Outstanding Alumnus

This award recognizes outstanding professional attainment, civic engagement, and exceptional contribution to the welfare of the College of Social Sciences and SJSU.

Scott LefaverScott Lefaver

Urban and Regional Planning

Scott Lefaver, DPA, AICP, is an owner of Cabouchon Properties, LLC, a developer and buyer of affordable tax credit housing. Cabouchon Properties has bought and rehabilitated 2,200 tax credit apartment units located all over the US, with over $35 million in tax credit equity and $115 million in tax exempt bonds.

Scott is a former faculty member in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at SJSU, where he taught a variety of courses, and has also taught in the College of Business and at Stanford University. He continues as a Research Associate with the Mineta Transportation Institute at SJSU and serves on the Department of Urban and Regional Planning Departent's Advisory Board.

Scott Lefaver is currently Chair of the County of Santa Clara Planning Commission and is a charter member of the American Institute of Certified Planners. He is a former Colonel in the California State Military Reserve, a combat veteran, and a retired member of the US Army Reserve. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Social Science and Master in Urban Planning from SJSU and holds both a Master and Doctorate in Public Administration from the University of Southern California.

Changing the World Together Social Entrepreneurship and Community Engagement Alumnus Award

This award recognizes alumni who have contributed to the core mission of CoSS, to help bring about a more just, adaptable, and sustainable society which supports lives that are meaningful, creative, and productive.

The Andariega CollectiveThe Andariega Collective, Co-founders
Rosanna Alvarez, Marlene Chavez, and
Ana Lilia Soto

Mexican American Studies

The Andariega Collective was founded by three Chicanas who met as graduate students in the Mexican American Studies Program at SJSU. Their graduate work inspired them to develop, provide, and engage in ongoing opportunities to discuss, debate, and reflect on shared experiences as women committed to community development. Out of that work emerged a framework grounded in the exploration of how women resist, challenge, and constantly navigate dominant discourses of gender and sexuality. Moving forward as the Andariega Collective, they shifted toward exploring and building on resiliency to achieve Chicanas' individual and collective potential.